Friday, November 30, 2007

Say No to Term Limits

Recently, we’ve been reading a lot about term limits and whether or not it should be repealed. The Patriots believe that mandated term limits are undemocratic and greatly diminish the power of the voter. In addition, term limits create “lame duck” elected officials who are more concerned with looking for their next job rather than focusing on issues and problems facing their constituencies. It also prevents voters from re-electing a person who has done and exemplary job and forces them to choose a new candidate who has yet to prove themselves as an effective representative. Conversely, term limits prohibits voters to exact the ultimate measure of their power to vote someone out of office who has failed them.

Lame duck officials forced out by term limits are in the strange position of not facing the consequences of their actions in the next election and are generally not accountable during their last term in office. They also tend to have less political power as other elected officials and see less advantage in cooperating with them. In addition, city agencies are less likely to respond in a timely manner to lame ducks and important district projects are put on the shelf until after the election. In addition, lame duck executives are notorious for issuing a series of executive orders, making appointments or doling out favors during their last days in office that they would not otherwise have done if it would have influenced the vote against them.

Voters should have the opportunity to reward an individual who has represented his district effectively by being able to re-elect that person. We should value public servants who have faithfully executed their oath of office and afford voters the choice to keep effective elected officials in office instead of losing them to term limits. It is unfair to deny that right to the public and undermines the democratic process.

The most effective way to show a politician our dissatisfaction is to vote him or her out of office. Term limits takes this power away from the voter and allows the representative to walk away from office because of term limits rather than his failure to fulfill his duties to the community. Voters should be the judge of an individual’s ability or inability to perform their duties as an elected official not term limits.

Term limits gives power to party bosses and their machines while reducing the influence of voters on government. Moreover, voters are more intelligent and politically savvy than we are given credit for. The American voter is fully capable in determining who deserves to be elected and who needs to be voted out of office. So we say not to term limits and yes to voter’s rights.


Anonymous said...

I am for Term Limits!

Anonymous said...

Bravo! The best term limit is an educated and informed population. People can then freely re-elect or oust public officials.

Look what term limits has done to NYC.

As it stands only millionaires or billionaires can buy enough television and advertising time to effectively buy an election. Bloomberg- as good as he might be- spent a sinful $94.00+ dollars for every vote he got.

Now we have Dick Parsons, former head of Time Warner, and Mr. Castomedies, owner of Gristedes and other companies, preparing to run. They can buy the election. How is that democratic.

On the other side, Democratic city council members start running for higher office the second they are first elected... be this Avella, Quinn, Liu, Yassky, Goia, etc.

Some councilmembers are excellent and they want to serve their local communities - not to move on to higher office. If they are doing good jobs, all the better.

Look at Senator Trent Lott. He just quit the US Senate because new anti-lobbying rules take effect in January, so he can get in nder the deadline.

Term limits makes more lobbyists and turns power over to civil servant bureaucrats who pull the strings without accountability.

Those who favor term limits are short sighted and irrational. We do not have term limits in business. We did not have them anywhere until recently except the Presidency. And even that is even questionable but at least 8 years is enough for most presidents (and most voters). But let's not equate the presidency with the city council.


Anonymous said...

I'm for term limits on private civic associations. The JPCA executive board Gang of Five must resign forthwith and hand back that heretofore respectable organization to the people of Middle Village.

Anonymous said...

Anti-term limits in the US, and pro-term limits in Venezuela? Mmmokay.