Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Obama is the worst Commander-in-Chief ever

Once again President Barack Hussein Obama and his leftist advisors have revealed that they are clueless when it comes to foreign policy and the use of our military. In an uncomfortable speech last night, Obama says he will commit 30,000 troops but has crippled their efforts by adding the caveat that he will remove troops in January 2012.

You cannot put an exit time and date when it comes to war. The exit time comes when the mission is complete. By offering a firm exit strategy you are telling our enemies to lay low and wait for us to leave so you can resume your insurgence. It also sends a message to our allies that under this president we no longer posses the intestinal fortitude to complete our objective and protect Americans.

Our national security depends on creating the right strategy and winning the war in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, we have a President in office that wants to do the right thing for himself and political career and could care less what is best for America.


Anonymous said...

How can you be so spot on about the JPCA idiots, and so wrong about President Obama?

Like Wanda Sykes said at her recent Obama roast monolog: anyone who hopes Obama fails, I hope their kidney fail.

Anonymous said...

I was with this site until this. the hussein thing is obv irrelevant.