Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Robert Doocey and Lorraine Sciulli Two Racists in a Pod

Can you imagine that with all the people living in Queens, NY1 chooses the two biggest idiots walking our streets. NY1 asked Robert “I wet my pants” Doocey and Lorraine “the wicked witch” Sciulli of the Juniper Park civic Association to opine about Muslims living here in NYC.

In a nutshell, the demented minds under the leadership of Bob Holden feel that we should box up all Muslims and ship them out of the country. Lorraine Scungilli feels that anyone who walks around covered from head to toe is scary while Looney Doocey thinks that if you are Muslim you should be considered a terrorist and dangerous.

This is just another example of the moronic idiocy exhibited by the Juniper Park Civic Association’s brotherhood of hate. Under the chicken wing of Bob Holden their jingoist xenophobic rhetoric would be laughable if they weren’t so vocal and given exposure by the media who love to interview freak shows.
However, NY1 did a great job choosing these two to bolster their story of anti-Muslim sentiment here in NYC.

I can’t wait for the next Robert Doocey and Lorraine Sciulli opinion editorial on the need for clubbing baby seals to save Juniper Park from being polluted by seal shit.

Archie Bunker Doocey and Edith Bunker Sciulli should shut their ignorant mouths and stay home watching re-runs of Gilligan’s Island


Anonymous said...

Doocey is such a loser! He was at a meeting he did not know the difference betweek the Sihks and Muslims, he is a disgrace... he should go home and enjoy a happy ending to his day.

Anonymous said...

Bob Doche you may recall had an issue with a young Juniper Junior that was pushed under the table. Word around town is he got too friendly. The Police should question him and if true arrest him and throw away the key.

Anonymous said...

This is the most accurate post ever on this blog!

Have you read the latest hate filled Juniper Berry?

It's anti-"outsiders", anti change, anti Schumer/Bloomie/Gilly, anti everything.

Read it all, including that phony "name withheld" letter about dog runs that is nothing but lies.

Read Lorraine's latest lunacy.

And notice the total failure to credit Christina Wilkerson for her leadership in saving St. Savior's