Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiger Woods is No Role Model

Some talking moronic head of the media cesspool was lamenting today that the recent demise of the Tiger Woods mystique is just another example of another fallen role model looked up to by millions of misguided children. The idiot went on to introduce some whacked out psychiatrist to explain how parents can help children cope with this tragic event. Stay tuned for a new drug that parents can give children to ease the pain when role models behave badly.

However, I have the perfect remedy for our disappointed children. How about we start admiring REAL ROLE MODELS! The media should stop glorifying these high priced morally deficient, self absorbed celebrities and start recognizing true heroes and positive role models.

Let us start teaching our children that true role models are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Let’s praise individuals that sacrifice their time, resources and personal safety for the benefit of others. Let’s start glorifying, police officers, firemen, military personnel, teachers, doctors, philanthropists, scientist, devoted parents, civic-minded individuals ect ect ect.

Thanks to our parasitic media, there is no shortage of negative role models for our children in today’s society. Children and adolescents imitate the actions and appearance of video, movie, and television stars. However, all this exposure to negative behavior is one sided because today’s media is not promoting family values and modeling pro-social behavior for children. Many parents would cringe to think their daughters would want to imitate some of today’s trendy appearances and behaviors exhibited by Paris Hilton, Britney Spears or the bimbo du jour.

While children do look to the media for role models, PARENTS still have a tremendous amount of influence in their children’s lives and should exert that power on a daily basis. To increase their influence, parents need to limit the amount of time kids spend watching the boob tube and videos and increase the time children spend with them. Children are more likely to imitate parents if parents spend time with them. In addition, parents should be very intentional about what they role model for their children.

Tell our children that Tiger Woods is an idiot and teach them about Major General Leonard Wood!

Major General Leonard Wood was an aggressive and energetic soldier who was instrumental in transforming the U.S. Army into a modern fighting force. He was born on 9 October 1860, in Winchester, New Hampshire. Following his father’s lead, he entered Harvard Medical School in 1880. He graduated from the school in 1883.

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