Thursday, October 29, 2009

Elizabeth Crowley's Dirty Little Secrets

Finally, it is not only the Juniper Park Patriots, but someone else has exposed Elizabeth Crowley for the lying fraud that she is! Here is a list of dizzy Lizzy’s dirty little secrets:

She accepts support and funding from the corrupt group ACORN.

She supported Council Leadership who overturned Terms Limits despite the people voting twice for it. (and she is stabbing the same leader in the back by lobbying for her job!)

She Voted to Raise Taxes!

She Receives 8O%of her campaign funds from lobbyists & special interests.

She withheld a report of a highly toxic condition at a Maspeth High School at a City Council Hearing to approve the construction.

She falsely stated that the Maspeth School is zoned for the children

She falsely claimed that she zoned the new Forest Hills high school for the children of Middle Village and Glendale.

She took complete credit for a four year down zoning of the community which was completed before she took office. When confronted with this misrepresentation she said that she “made a phone call” to speed it up.

She was fined $56,000 for campaign Finance Law violations.

She is under investigation for using City Council funds to supplement her campaign.

She said she received millions of dollars in funding for our community but there is no record or any plans or contracts on file with city agencies.

Elizabeth Crowley is caught lying, stealing and cheating again. We need to vote Dizzy Lizzy out of office before she figures out how to use MapQuest and drive to city hall where she can cause real damage.

According to insiders, she has been telecommuting to work because she thought that someone had really purchased the Brooklyn Bridge and turned into floating condo’s preventing access to Manhattan.


Anonymous said...

This from a blogger who doesn't know when election day is.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth will still win on Tuesday.
Write what you want.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the last laugh is on you since she kicked Ognibene's butt on Election Day.