Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Elizabeth Crowley Sneaking Behind Christine Quinn’s Back

Unbeknownst to Speaker Christine Quinn, Elizabeth Crowley is whispering in the ears of colleagues on both side of the aisle and political power brokers to express her desire to be the next speaker of the New York City Council.

We think Dizzy Lizzy should worry about getting re-elected first then she can start to undermine the leadership of Christine Quinn. Elizabeth Crowley is already using the slush fund scandal in her inaudible stump speeches and according to insiders there will be more leadership bashing by Crowley.

I wonder what Christine thinks about her new friend Elizabeth biting the hand that fed her. We all know the only reason Liz got a penny for the district was because Quinn was trying to curry favor with the Queens Democrats so she can retain her title as Speaker.

Lew Fidler for Speaker!


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I wonder if Liz is as close to Speaker Quinn as she was to Brian McLaughlin?

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I believe that Elizabeth must speak to both sides.She chas to, because, eventually she'll become the first female mayor of the city of New York. AND THAT WILL HAPPEN.