Saturday, September 5, 2009

Elizabeth Crowley is WRONG for Our Community

As the primary nears and the general election follows, the Juniper Park Patriots want you to focus on the most important race for everyone in our community, your City Council Race. This year, there is a real battle between Tom Ognibene and Elizabeth Crowley. Tom Ognibene, the former Council Member, served his community well and won accolades from many civic and community organizations and former Mayors Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg. His public persona was damaged by the Manhattan District Attorney unfairly, whose sole goal was to deny Ognibene a judgeship. On the other hand, the Democratic candidate, Elizabeth Crowley, is a “political pro” who gained her electoral knowledge while working “under” convicted Assembly Member, Brian McLaughlan.

Elizabeth Crowley is everything that you should detest in government, an inexperienced nitwit whose only political tool is her family name. This year, she used her cousin’s influence to manipulate the City budget and use it as a campaign tool for her re-election. Unions, special interest and the Obama wave put her in office and she walks around the district like a robo-idiot, spewing their cause, notwithstanding the detriment it causes to her community.

In a world where Albany has been turned upside down by the greedy, arrogant, self-centered legislative body, the City Council has become a cesspool of political fraud led by the likes of Elizabeth Crowley. We sometimes take harsh stances. Maybe we shouldn’t call her Dizzy Lizzy. Maybe when we take such harsh stances in opposition to her, people don’t take us as seriously as they should. But now we implore all those who read this blog to concern yourself with good government, character and integrity. I urge you to restore some decency to the City Council, reject the campaign fraud of Elizabeth Crowley and vote for the best choice that we have, Tom Ognibene.

And if Charles Ober is still watching, your candidacy was a breath of fresh air on the issues bucking the party establishment and standing up to those you sought to represent. So while Ognibene may not be perfect, Crowley is an unmitigated disaster. The choice has never been clearer. So let’s put aside the jokes, look at the facts and do right by our children and our grandchildren.

Vote and support and volunteer for Tom Ognibene for City Council.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Liz Crowley has manipulated Nick and others out of the race, and shamefully selected the 500 pound buffoon Mike Miller in a place holder position, so that she can continue to milk a salary from tax payers, when Tom beats her. Mike's marching orders are to cover up all financial irregularities for the Queens County org and to kick back Congressman Joe Crowley's funds to the sham non profits he channels pork to. Crowleys are bad for us!

Anonymous said...

Ogni-has-been is wrong for our community. He should live in the condos he wants to built at altas. He as to be kidding me!

Anonymous said...

At least Liz has a big butt and I love big butts and I cannot lie.

Anonymous said...

Now you use this site to beg for volunteers. tools!

Anonymous said...

Liz has a great ass.

Anonymous said...

So you mean to tell me, if Crowley loses to Colonel Sanders, she'll run for the assembly against Mike, (THE LANDSLIDE), Miller in 2010, or, is the GORTITO just going to step aside and let the TRAINWRECK travel to Albany.
Very interesting, but stupid.