Friday, August 7, 2009

Paterson Calls Primary Day Special In The 38th AD

Looks like big boss politics screws the community once again. It appears that Mike Miller will be the Queens Democratic Organization's choice, may not be the worst choice and he will probably win. However, can Elizabeth Crowley withstand an energized Caribbean backlash in the upcoming election?

We can almost assure that Al slim shade Baldeo is going to do whatever it takes to exact revenge against Liz Crowley and the democratic organization that has screwed him once again.

Not to mention, the other candidates that have been denied their right to run!

The Daily Politics by Elizabeth Benjamin

Flouting the calls of good government groups and candidates who have already petitioned their way onto the ballot, Gov. David Paterson has called a special election to fill the seat left vacant by the abrupt resignation in June of former Assemblyman Tony Seminerio.

The election in the 38th AD will be held on primary day, Sept. 15, Paterson announced in a press release, adding:

"This special election will ensure that the residents in part of Queens County will have the representation they need in the New York State Legislature. I encourage all eligible voters to come out to the polls on September 15th and select their future Assembly member."

This move isn't exactly a surprise.

Paterson's office informed the city Board of Elections last month that he was likely to call a Primary Day special election, leaving the decision of who should run to replace Seminerio up to party leaders in Queens.

The Democratic candidate will be selected by the 38th AD's four district leaders, which includes Seminerio himself. (He doesn't have to give up the position until he is sentenced on the corruption charge to which he pleaded guilty in late June).

There has been some speculation (fueled by former Senate candidate Al Baldeo, who filed petitions to run in the 38th, was put on the ballot by the board and has the support of Sen. John Sampson), that Seminerio might try to get his son nominated. But I haven't heard anything from the party on that.

Baldeo had used the opportunity of Councilman Bill de Blasio's brief ballot access scare to argue that depriving the voters of a wide variety of choices - be it by bouncing candidates from the ballot or letting political bosses hand pick a candidate - would be anti-democratic.

The Queens Democratic Party's Mike Reich was not shy about telling me that political organizations generally prefer special elections because they are "always easier" for party leaders to "have a handle on."

Also, he argued, a special election is cost-effective, because it cuts down on the number of candidates and thus avoids a pricey primary.

It will be interesting to see if Lourdes Ventura, an aide to Senate President Malcolm Smith, who had expressed interest in Seminerio's seat but didn't file petitions, resurfaces.

There has been a lot of talk about CB 5 member Michael Miller, who has been amassing support, including an endorsement from Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley, cousin of Queens Democratic Chairman Joe Crowley, and the Queens Conservative Party.


Mike said...

Once again, Governor McGoo screws the republicans by holding a special election on democratic primary day

Bob Holden says said...

Its Miller time! I beat my wife everytime i have a few miller genuine gold's in my belly

Anonymous said...

Gov FlipFlop had his fingers crossed when he issued the call for the special. Now the story is the press release announcing the special was not supposed to be sent out.