Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shrillary Clinton Will Screw the Democratic Party

Imelda Clinton will screw the Democratic Party if she doesn't get the nomination by running as an independent in the upcoming presidential election. As we all know, Shrillary only cares about her own political ascension and to hell with anyone one who gets in her way.

Political insiders and strategists are beside themselves with the idea that Clinton will break from the democrats and run as a maverick independent. Clinton will disguise her blind political ambition and disloyalty behind the smoke screen, "I find it more important and vitally crucial that I save American and Israel than be concerned with saving the Democratic Party from collapsing."

The question is whether Clinton would have enough backing among fundraisers to continue her campaign even after loosing the Democratic nomination in August. It is an open secret that the stream of money flowing to her campaign has been much narrower since Barack Obama began its impressive blitz. But the former first lady has proved that she can reinvent herself and loan herself mounds of cash in an instant just like she has done on a number of occasions since January.

Just goes to show that you can't kill the devil even when she wears Prada pantsuits.

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mv ben said...

Patrick, what a great picture of Christina W!

Guess we know the real reason that Pinky choose a 52 year-old 200+ lb grandmother over her.

What a scank that Christina W. is!!