Tuesday, May 20, 2008

30th District Campaign Slogans

Here are a few campaign slogans that readers have sent in:

Vote Ognibene! Ready To Be Corrupt on Day One.

Vote Crowley! She's Not Just Another Pretty Face, She's Dumb Too.

Vote Ober! He'll Never Cheat on His Wife.

Vote Como! Big Head.... Big House.

Vote Surachi! Why? We Have No Idea.


Anonymous said...

How about Ognibene "IT'S ALL ABOUT MI MI AND ME"

Anonymous said...

Kudos to MR Como and Ms Crowley for not attending the biased JPCA propaganda show. The race is truly going to be between Como and Crowley. Hopefully whoever wins will give the same respect to the JPCA as the majority of our elected officials "NONE". The JPCA Executive Board is filled with venom and hate. It is time ALL funding be pulled and all advertising leave The Berry.