Friday, May 16, 2008

An open letter to 30th District City Council Candidates:

Sadly, the public has become bombarded with reports regarding the infidelity of elected officials. Eliot Spitzer, Vito Fossella, David Paterson, and Jim Mcgreevey have all been strewn across the pages of the newspapers because of their extra-marital exploits. The public seems to have had enough and are becoming increasingly tired of the immorality of elected officials on both sides of the isle. Republicans being the worst of the lot, because they constantly run on the lofty platform of family values and religious morality while simultaneously running around with cocktail waitresses on Sunday afternoons.

Therefore, we want to ask Ms. Crowley, Mr. Ober, and Mr. Como and Mr. Ognibene if they ever indulged in any exploits that could be deemed extra-marital indiscretions. Is there a man or men, woman or women who will emerge claiming that any of you were their part-time lover?

Would their be a disgruntled employee of a particular union, agency or school that is so annoyed that your concubine has held many prestigious positions because of his or her intimate involvement with you?

Did a particular man or woman, who you are extremely fond of, assist any of you in your campaign(s)? And because he or she magnanimously and vociferously wanted to help his or her powerful girlfriend or boyfriend that he or she knowingly lied about his or her legal residence?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Dominick Casalino and Francesco Calvagna

The Italian Crash Test Dummies

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Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick Henry,

Of the top 3 candidates, here is what seems to be the "BUZZ":

Ms. Crowley, has lied about her residency during her past attempt to get elected to the City Council, was investigated and fined by the NYC Campaign Finance Board for numerous campaign illegalities and in fact is still paying off the fines and is not eligible to receive NYC Matching Funds, was romantically linked to former NYS Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin, who is accused of stealing and misappropriating hundreds of thousands of dollars and then spending it on himself, his family and his "girlfriend", and who's greatest attribute, unfortunately for us, is not her intelligance or abilities, but her last name.

Mr. Como is accused of using his "influence" with the NYC Board of Elections to gain the top spot on the June 3rd ballot and making the wrong decision on which contractor he should have hired to do the work on his house.

Mr. Ognibene has been at the center of allegations that he participated in improper and illegal activities with certain "businessmen", assisted the wife of a local Civic leader get a lucrative job in Govenor Pataki's NYC Office and then allegedly accepted an all expense paid vacation from that same Civic leader, is alleged to be involved with certain improper and unethical practices and conduct, both in the past and presently, at Christ the King H.S. and has such a shady past that even his close friend and political ally, Govenor Pataki, couldn't appoint him to a Judgeship.

Am I missing anything?

In The Land Of The Blind The One Eyed Man Is King