Monday, May 12, 2008

An Open Letter to Mr. Ognibene...

We recently received this letter from a pair of local guys looking for some answers.

The Patriots would love to hear these answers as well, but we won't hold our breath waiting on them.

An open letter to Tom Ognibene,

As the June 3rd Special election draws near, there are few things that I would like you to explain to the general public. Your platform, "experience counts" is very catchy but it also has a darker connotation. Some feel that the "experience" you so proudly proclaim could be the familiarity with corruption and willingness to bend the rules for self-preservation. Is this true?

There is speculation that you illegally accepted an all expense paid trip to the Caribbean. The trip in question was paid for by a local civic leader who was repaying your efforts in getting his wife a political job. Is this true?

It has been reported that you illegally used your influence, power and position to assist a corrupt Department Buildings employee. Your illegal efforts helped get violations lifted, projects approved and people hired for good paying jobs. Is this true?

It is believed that you use Christ the King for your own personal benefit and political expediency. Many are saying that teachers are being forced to work on your campaign because they fear retribution or they are trying to earn you admiration for your help in advancing their position. Also, a portion of the school parking area is being utilized as a used car lot to sell pre-owned vehicles. Is this true?

I think the residents of the 30th Council district deserve truthful answers to these questions.

Dominick Casalino and Francesco Calvagna

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Anonymous said...

My recommendation to you guys is go down to his campaign headquarters, set up a time to meet him, and ask him those questions. If you are genuinely interested in an answer, he will give you answers.

If you dont do that, then you are not really interested in finding out the answers.

Besides, to find out the truth in most situations, you can not rely on what you are told by anyone including the accused. What you have to do is determine the truth for yourself with independent research. And you never really get they truth that way either. BUT you get enough information for yourself to make a judgement as to what truth you are going to believe.

What you really have to ask yourself is, "what do I want for my community that would make living here better for me or keep it from getting worse AND which one of these candidates is most likely going to get that for me?" The rest doesnt matter.