Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Vietnam Vets Sound Off On Quinn

The Patriots received this letter via e-mail from Pastor Toro Jr., President of Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter #32. In the letter, Mr. Toro expresses his concern and anger about the $422,763 being allocated to a fictitious veterans' group named the "American Association of Concerned Veterans".

Sadly, veterans often get screwed when it comes time for elected officials to put their money where their mouth is. However, when they need to parade vets in to carry a flag or to pose for that coveted photo-op, these same elected officials promise the world. But veterans realize that they have to fight for every penny they receive from the government and have the right to be incensed after finding out about the veterans slush fund that received more money than real veterans groups.

Here is the letter:

Honorable Christine Quinn

NYC Council Speaker

City Hall

New York, New York 10007

Re: The "American Association of Concerned Veterans"

Dear Speaker,

Over the past several days, I have read numerous accounts of your office having "set aside" the amount of four hundred and twenty two thousand, seven hundred and sixty three dollars ($422,763) for use by the "American Association of Concerned Veterans".

As you and I both know and as your office has already admitted, this organization does not exist and I consider it an outrage to me as a 'Vietnam Combat Veteran' and the over three hundred Vietnam Veterans that I represent that not only was this money hidden but said monies were hidden in a fictitious veterans organization.

At a time when the veterans organization of this city have to practically beg for monies to be included in the New York City Budget in order for us to assist those veterans that are in need, the conduct of those responsible in this matter is insulting.

That being said, I would like to know the proper procedure for my organization to access this money so that we can put it to use in helping the veterans community throughout the borough of Queens.

Please be advised that the Vietnam Veterans of America, Queens Chapter #32 along with all veteran's organizations throughout New York City are keeping a close watch on what happens with the monies in question.

I look forward to your response and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the telephone number below or on ###-###-###.


Pastor Toro Jr., President

Vietnam Veterans of America

Queens Chapter #32


Anonymous said...

Quinn does not care for Veterans! Unless they are Gay or Lesbians.

Anonymous said...

This guy Toro got it right! Quinn should resign NOW!

Anonymous said...

This is how the City Council and its Leadership treat Veterans? The POW"S MIA"s and all who served are either rolling in their graves or angry as all hell!

Anonymous said...

How is Quinn going to get elected if she does not dole out the cash????

Anonymous said...

Chris Quinn is a disgrace plain and simple!

Anonymous said...

Her Chief of Staff is in this up to his neck!

Anonymous said...

If I were Quinn, I'd address this issue with Toro head on. He is not the kind of man you want to have an issue with. He's not going to quit until he gets honest answers.