Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Crowley Crusaders Crusade Continues

Looks like the Crowley Crusaders have mounted their steeds again to launch their next volley against the evil Ognibene. The Crusaders are laying siege to the Christ the King Castle and the many peasants Ognibene has conscripted into his evil army.

We are still a little confused because Crowley accusing Ognibene of illegal practices is like Al Franken accusing Wesley Snipes of tax evasion. Either way it makes for great political drama. Enjoy!

Dear Friends,

We are writing once again to provide you with information about Elizabeth Crowley’s opponent Tom Ognibene. Mr. Ognibene has the audacity to portray himself as the honest candidate who rises above the fray and immediately exposes “dirty tactics”. The truth is that Tom Ognibene is the “king” of dirty politics and the “duke” of the abuse of power.

Here are a few topics we will be covering over the next several weeks:

  • Tom Ognibene has “strong armed” Christ the King High School teachers to “volunteer” for his campaign.
  • Ognibene rewards teachers for their “volunteering” by promoting them or providing family members with profitable jobs.
  • Tom Ognibene’s associates and friends are using the school parking lot to store used cars for future sales.
  • Ognibene created anonymous letters attacking homosexuals and placing the blame on others.
  • Ognibene has placed signs on Crifasi owned buildings without the proper Department of Buildings permit.
  • Ognibene helped Crifasi family members “get rid of” building violations regarding illegal conversions.
  • We will provide disturbing testimony by corrupt Buildings employee Ron Lantanzio explaining Ognibene’s complicity in political grafts.

It is extremely important that voters are provided with information to assist them in making the right choice on June 3rd. We feel that the information listed above proves that Tom Ognibene is the wrong man to represent us in the City Council.


Anonymous said...

The more people look into this guy the more dirt their going to find.lets not forget what happen to tom's friend vito

Anonymous said...

Interesting how you just happen to have what is obviously the original letter on the blog and not a photocopy.

Anonymous said...

The GOP machine in Middle Village seems to be sputtering and falling apart. Ognibene? Gallagher? Two successive Republican councilmen from the same district who were as dirty as can be.

I think the Republicans need to be shown the door in Middle Village and give the Democrats a crack at bringing home the bacon and doing whats right for our community.

Mr. Mojo Risin..