Thursday, May 29, 2008

Crowley Counting Her Chickens Before They Vote

In a stunning display of arrogance and hubris, Elizabeth Crowley has already booked a place for her victory party. According to political insiders, Liz has reserved the Woodhaven House on June 3rd to celebrate her victory in the special election.

Apparently, Elizabeth Crowley is confident that her illegal fundraising prowess, convicted felon supporters, special interest friends, union goons and democratic machine cogs will do their magic and steal the election from the voters of the 30th Council District.

We urge the fine men and woman of the 30th Council District to come out and vote so that Elizabeth Crowley's scheduled victory party is quickly changed to a concession party.


Anonymous said...

Oh Come On!

All candidates book a room or hall for supporters on election night. DUH.

Anonymous said...

As much as I agree that Crowley is the biggest joke of a candidate in this race, I am disappointed that this site supports Anthony Como. Como seems like a decent enough person, but it is clear from watching him in public and reviewing his background that he does not have near the skills or qualifications to be a city councilman. Particularly when there are two other candidates that are much more highly skilled and have much better qualifications and experience that would clearly better represent the district.