Monday, May 12, 2008

Anonymous Ognibene Gone Wild

Tom Ognilooney has been a busy little beaver writing secret attack letters, unidentified self-deprecating blog posts and now he is sending anonymous complaints to city agencies claiming wrong-doings by his opponents. Anonymous Ognibene must be very scared that his “checkered” past will most likely cause him to lose yet another bid for elected office that he is resorting to “despicable” and “cowardly” (words Anonymous Ognibene loves to use to describe his many detractors) acts of deception and political smear.

Anonymous Ognilooney and his mini-me troll Eric Ulrich are running scared and will do anything to try to save their sinking campaigns. Ognibene and Ulrich have both exploited their positions for personal gains and are now trying to discredit their opponents by making false claims against people they desperately fear. It is a shame that Ognilooney and Ulbitch vigorously fight to promote “fear and loathing” instead of “positivity and unity”

Here are the two stories that were created by Anonymous Ognibene’s recent letters:

NY Post

Daily News


Anonymous said...

I get a kick out of patrick Henry's blatent pro republican slant to things..

Check out his "other interesting sites" Ann Coulter? Sean Hannity? Boy that's some unbiased crowd. What no listing for "We love Dick Cheney" or ther link to "I voted for George Bush twice and would do it again!!"

Gee patrick, you and your buddies have been wrong on so many national and international issues why the hell should we listen to you on who to vote for in the Special Election???

I mean taking your advice on politics is like taking the advice of Jimmy the Greek when it came to football.

"The Niners will beat the Giants, 24-21"
-Jimmy the Greek Snyder, NFL Today.
Final score Giants 49 49ers 3

When it comes top the Dog Run, Bobby Holden, Queens Crap, the JPCA and the Berry your the man Patrick. But when it comes to politics your on a long losing streak.....

Mr. Mojo Risin

Anonymous said...

Pot callin' the kettle black time? It;s been said that little Eric U mined the Bd of Elections on city paid time for his recent leadership race and future Council bid.