Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ognibene and Ober Put the "O" in Coward

Last night Ognibene and Ober shamefully attacked their political opponents without them being there to defend themselves. Ognibene obviously doesn't practice what he preaches because at a different candidate's night chastised Surachi for attacking individuals who were not present.

This is just another shameful act by Ognibene and Ober to discredit and defame. They united previously for the "plant and rant" operation when the created an anti-homosexual letter, distributed the letter to voters, laid blame on their opponents and denounced the tactics. It was beautifully executed but dishonorably transparent.

These two make Bob Holden and Tony Nunziato look like political infants.

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Anonymous said...

Ognibene gets elected, hires Holden, Nunziato, Kampermann, Wilkanson/ and Auntie Lorraine. Retires in 2 years after playing golf instead of working. Holden runs and becomes the next Council Member of the 30 District. Am I the only one who sees this plan. God help the 30 CD. Voters a vote for Ognibene is a vote for the lunatic Holden. Look at the candidates past, and what they have been doing for the last 7 years. Experience counts but only if you stay current. Would you want a surgeon who last operated 8 years ago, or one that is more up to date on todays procedures operating on you. The same holds true for a person who will be representing you in the City Council. Chose wisely and get out the vote.