Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Anthony Como Pledges Fight Against "Questionable" Bar

Middle Village could be getting an unwanted "watering hole" that will be frequented by scantly clad "go-go" dancers and rough bikers.

"Clutch" will be located at 79-56 Metropolitan Avenue and currently advertising on Craigs List for potential employees.

Anthony Como's office has sent out an e-mail regarding the issue:

Dear Neighbors,

I want to alert you about a new bar opening at 79-56 Metropolitan Avenue and the potential adverse impact in will have on our community. As you know, Metropolitan Avenue is home to many small businesses and family style restaurants; therefore, any establishment that threatens this "family" environment should be vehemently opposed.

This new establishment "Clutch" has been advertising on Craigs List and the information provided in the classified is cause for alarm.

Here is the ad:

"CLUTCH" a new american v twin biker / rock bar opening in middle village queens. lookinig for lady bartenders willing to work in boys shorts, chaps, bikini tops, etc. sexy look a must. please respond with pic if you have one. bar looking to open in the next month. looking to fill all positions. also wanted dancers no nudity just sexy outfits when bands are playing. also shot girls. for interview, any question feel free to ask................. $30 shift pay plus tips...
thank you

Middle Village residents are decent, hardworking and law abiding citizens who deserve to have their quality of life preserved and the safety of their streets protected. I pledge to work with the Middle Village Property Owners, Community Board 5, local civic associations and my fellow neighbors to fight any establishment that threatens the reputation, tranquility and safety of our community.


Anthony Como

The community should join together to stop this bar from opening or compel the owner to change the "motif" of the establishment. Middle Village deserves better.


Anonymous said...

We worry about bars, what about safety around Juniper park. No lights, bumps plenty of roaring motor cycles and desparate people (all kinds) trying to cross Juniper blvd. north.

Anonymous said...

Hey leave this bar alone, at least the strippers won't be in Ognibene's "LAW OFFICE"

Anonymous said...

Morgenthau was right about Ognibene and the truth will be told I heard an independent group is waiting to pay back a "Crusaders" debt.

I guess a 5 year Statute of Limitations may be over for the former sitting Councilman, but his criminal activity and his voracious appitite will be known by all.

All those papers that were in his "Law Office" are now going public!

Anonymous said...

Its good to see at least one of the candidates for the 30th Council District is not only on top of our quality of life issues but already attempting to quickly address and correct them.

Where are the others?

In The Land Of The Blind, The One Eyed Man Is King

Anonymous said...

What exactly would you have Como do in his governmental role? Ban this bar from employing good-looking women in sexy clothes and from having employees dance when bands play? Not allow people who drive motorcycles from patronizing it? Be careful what you wish for, we live in a free country and should not have government dictating the themes of our businesses. If the bar is rowdy, noisy, or breaking a law, then prosecute it. If he wants to send a letter that the community will be watching carefully for violations, fine. But for a government official or candidate to preemptively "fight" an establishment because you don't like its theme? That is wrong my friends. If the community is against it then it shouldn't get much business and won't make it.
I personally think every bar that has been at this location has been trashy and I would like to see the whole building changed over to something better. That would be the best solution.

Anonymous said...

How can any establishment at that location get a liquor license? It has history of stabbings, drug, noise, and D.O.B. complaints. Maybe they will just open it without one like The Red Zone!

Anonymous said...

"Go-Go dancers"..."Rough Bikers"....doesn't anyone realize what a bias remark this is? I read the classified ad, and it asks for "dancers no nudity just sexy outfits when bands are playing" which is what most bars or clubs have to promote dancing when bands play. I don't see what the problem is. And the remark of "rough bikers", this must have been made by someone who does not know anyone that rides a motorcycle. Personally I think this label is just a wrong as calling a person with dark skin a "N---ER"

Lou said...

Give me a break, Middle Village was once a great neighborhood 20 years ago maybe. But now it has become a neighborhood of holier then thou hipocrits that are so scandalous during the weekdays, attend church on sundays retired old grumpy folks that think they are CEO's of major corporations when they are nothing more then plumbers, mechanics and city workers, heck half of them made their money on inhertance more than anything. Leave the bar alone and appreciate the fact that the biker personna died with the 70's. One day these might be the people who run an event to cure your cancer,help you pay your bills after a spouses death or just bust the criminal who tried to rape your daughter. Get a grip and learn to enjoy life as Middle Village takes their life to serious, no matter what, in life no one ever comes out alive. The community board should shut up and worry about their impeachment more when it comes out about their crooked construction deals for profit!

Kurt said...

has anyone walked around the area the bar will be in a while? probably not. probably because middle village isnt as nice and decent as this picture is painted. walk just around the corner and theres a good chance you will run into a few drug dealers or someone trying to mug you. a comment below asked "How can any establishment at that location get a liquor license?" maybe because they have not done anything illegal???? did this new bar have anything to do with previous stabbings, drugs, or noise? no. i can tell you one thing, it was probably a middle village resident thats stabbed or sold drugs. how do i know this? because i see the world through my own eyes, not that of a local politician. worry about the REAL problems effecting the rotting youth of middle village. not a LEGAL establishment.

JFar said...

You people need to get a life if you want to close this bar down. Dont you have anything better to do? It's not like they're having dancers outside where little kids are. A bar is a 21 and over place, and this is America. Grow up.

Mr.Moon said...

The problem in this country now is government is constantly telling us whats good for us and whats bad.Sexy dressed women,rough bikers ,give me a break.Have any of you upscale parents and community leaders seen how your little offspring have been dressing down lately.I would feel safer around any of my Biker friends than some little punk with his hat on sideways ,his pants hanging to his knees,and his girlfriend dressing like a 42nd street hooker from the 1970's feeling each other up in the middle of Myrtle ave.Lets take responsibility for us and stop letting big brother telling us how to do it.Give the U.S. back to the people and worry about more important things...Like gas Prices!!

Tony said...

I'm a bit confused. The first sentence in this blog is "Dedicated to providing the truth, rather than executing a vindictive narrow-minded agenda." Your entire argument seems just that, narrow-minded. Not quite sure what the problem is with a new establishment opening, and why it is not being given a chance to prove itself.

As far as the stereo-type of "rough" bikers go, I happen to be a biker, and spent 16 years as a C.O.O. of a respectable stock brokerage firm, so I personally take offence to that comment. In an uncertain economic time, I would think our politicians would encourage the starting of new businesses, not trying to squash them.

Let it open, give it a chance, and if there are problems, which by the way happen outside Basking-Robbins, there are plenty of steps that can be taken to rectify them.

Anonymous said...

I think that a bar with good time and great fun is the absolute PERFECT atmosphere this neighborhood needs at this time! Biker bar....? Thats the most laid back scene you can ask for in a bar! Get with the times, and realize whos who and whats what. Dont stereo type.

COME ON' said...


Anonymous said...

I loved the red zone. that was many years ago. this place sounds much more mature and made for an older crowd -PERFECT! i cant wait to join in the fun.

Anonymous said...

To Anthony Como: Have you or anyone on your staff talked to or even visited the NEW Owners. Has anyone from the Community Board tried to talked to the NEW Owners? NO! You all just like to sit home and let other people tell you what you should do. Then you go to a meeting and spout off about closing a business that isnt even open yet and you know nothing about. What is wrong with BIKERS,some Professional people, politicians, lawyers, doctors etc. are bikers. Some of your local business people are bikers. Are you going to shut them down?
Bikers are friendly people.
Hug a biker and he/she will hug you back and shake your hand.

Stevo said...

Ha ha ha I have to laugh. A few comments above the person states how Juniper Park is lacking lighting and they are concerned for peoples safety crossing Juniper Blvd north due to Bikers driving by. How funny is that? Maybe these people should spend more time trying to influence the city to maintain the lights in the area oppose to wasting there obviously simple minds and time on wether or not "Bikers" should be driving down that road to go to a local gathering of good people. Get a grip! "Bikers" will be the best crowd for an area with no lights. I garuntee, they wont mug ya! Nor knock you down. If anything, they would extend a hand to help pick you up. So stupid some people are for making such ridiculous statements, Hee hee "bikers shouldnt be in the area because there are no lights - HA! thats so funny, dont you think so.

Donna said...

You are against this bar before it even opens? Won't it be paying taxes and contributing to the community at large? There are already laws about noise etc.. so what is the probem?

I think that everyone has a right to be judged by actions and not prejudged by fearmongering.

Anonymous said...

Come on, we all know the type thats going to frequent this place.
Its not the lawyers, doctors, weekend warriors who like the freedom of the road that we're worried about.
Its the overgrown, immature rowdy crowd that think that because they look the part they can act like tools.
The type that will sit out there on their bikes at 3am and rev their bikes before tearing off down Metropolitan Ave.
I'm not trying to stereotype, plenty of bikers are upstanding citizens and have gone a long way to raise money for charities, etc, but I mean come on...the myspace page used to say "come on in and have a drink before a run or after a long day of riding"....BEFORE A RUN?? nice.
One of their slogans is "Come in and get caught in the clutches of sin".
Honestly, let the bar open up. Grant them a liquor license, if the owners really want to change the public's perception then all the power to them.
Just don't let this become the next 'clubhouse'.

Anonymous said...

Election Day is here, I hope all the "BIKERS and "SCANTLY CLAD" voters GET OUT and VOTE YOU OUT of office