Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ognibene and Ober Use the “Plant and Rant” Play

Tommy Ognibene and Charlie Ober have manipulated the press and residents with the impressive use of the political game called the “plant and rant”. This is when an individual or group knowing circulates anonymous “disgusting, disgraceful and cowardly” claims against their opponent, deny they know the origin or author and then emphatically denounce its message.

Ognibene and Ober pulled the “plant and rant” off brilliantly as they postured, protested, and proselytized in front of the cameras. It would have been perfect if it wasn’t so transparent and an unbelievable flagrant use of the “plant and rant”. It was extremely coincidental that the two self-proclaimed anti-party candidates were united hand in hand to condemn the hateful letter. Ironically, both tried to lay blame on their respective rogue party machine to admonish their shameful tactics and a feeble attempt to bolster support for their stumbling campaigns. It is very sad to watch two men resort to such childish antics to save their candidacy.

However, it was heart warming to see that for one day, Ognibene and Ober were able to put aside their differences and their vitriolic hatred for each other for their own personal preservation. Does anyone have a tissue?

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Anonymous said...

Tom Ognibene's camp is also behind the Crowley letters too. How will Tom Like it when His Alumni Affairs backgorund and his Lattanzio info comes out.

He should have kept his letters to himself let a sleeping dog lie