Friday, May 9, 2008

Corrupt Crowley Denied Matching Funds

You Go Girl

It seems that wherever Liz Crowley goes the cloud of corruption looms ominously over her empty head. The Campaign Finance Board is reporting that Elizabeth Crowley is not eligible for matching funds because she still has outstanding penalties that were imposed in 2001 for campaign fraud.

Crowley was not eligible for matching funds because of outstanding fines from campaign finance violations committed by her campaign during her bid for City Council in 2001 against ex-councilman Dennis Gallagher, whose April 18 resignation necessitated the special election.

According to a CFB audit, the Crowley campaign was required to pay $56,267 in penalties, $22,207 of which was for exceeding expenditure limits. Another $20,000 was for failure to adequately explain allegations of money order fraud — allegations the campaign denied. The penalties are currently being paid on an installment plan.

Liz Crowley has no problem raising money because Lizzy ignores all the rules and violates all the campaign finance laws. You go girl!


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Anonymous said...

Whats up with Queens? Hevisi steals and gets reelected anyway. Crowley skims and gets the nod from the Democratic Orginization. It looks like the fox is watching the hen house. We need a Federal Investigation in the corruption surrounding the City Council scandles. We need candidates who are not tarnished with unethical pasts. Time to clean house and bring in decent people. Stop all campaign donations from unions and corporations ,let only indivduals contribute. Thats why we have matching funds. Then the people will truly pick the candidates.