Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Political Pigs Suckling on the Democratic Machine Teat

It is no surprise that the political pigs are trampling over themselves in the mud to get their lips around the biggest democratic machine teat to nourish their political ambitions. These shameful opportunist would carry petitions for Fidel Castro if they though it will help their political careers. Its one hand washes the other, scratch my back I’ll scratch yours, quid pro quo politics at its worst. Therefore, finding out that the who’s who of political hopefuls were getting signatures for the brain-dead cousin of Congressman Joe Crowley should not shock anyone.

Instead it should be a stark reminder that the machine and its rusty cogs supersede the democratic process and the voters. The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many and they will step over anyone or anything that gets in their way.

Thankfully, the voters of the 30th District will not let pigs turn their community into a political pig sty.

Carrying For Crowley

May 7, 2008

Thumbing through several hundred pages of signatures filed by 30th CD Democratic candidate Elizabeth Crowley turned up some interesting names of people who witnessed her petitions - a number of whom don't live in the borough, but whose bids for new jobs could benefit greatly from the support of the Queens Democratic organization.

Non-Queens names include Coucilman David Yassky (Brooklyn), '09 comptroller candidate, and Councilman Dan Garodnick (Manhattan), potential speaker contender.
Hailing from Queens, with political aspirations: Coucilman Eric Gioia, '09 public advocate candidate; and Dave Kerpen, '09 Council candidate (23rd CD).

Other Queens names of potential interest: Assemblyman Rory Lancman (running for re-election this fall), George Fontas (lobbyist/consultant and ex-aide to Councilman David Weprin), Sen. Toby Stavisky (also running for re-election this fall), former Stonewall Democratic Club President Dirk McCall.

A number of Crowley's relatives also served as witnesses, as did her campaign manager, Alyson Grant. A fair number of union names appear on the petitions, too.

The power of the Queens Democratic Party aside, this race is also attracting attention from outside the district because it is seen as a precursor to the 15th SD battle this fall.

The 30th CD has long been viewed as a Republican stronghold. If the Democrats can manage to win there in June, the thinking goes, they will be able to establish a bulkhead and perhaps chip away at support for GOP Sen. Serphin Maltese, who is the Senate Democrats' top target as they try to win the majority.

Republican contenders in the 30th CD include Maltese aide Anthony Como, who has been referred to as the senator's heir apparent (assuming the GOP holds that Senate seat), and Tom Ognibene, who held the seat before his former staffer, Dennis Gallagher, who resigned after pleading guilty to sexual assault.


Anonymous said...

Hey how come no articles about Vito Fossella crying on the House floor after being caught drunk driving and admitting he has a three year old daughter from a realtionship outside his marriage.

So much for the party of morality..

Its funny that when its the Democrats Patrick Henry has a lot to say, but when its a Republican that seems to be another matter...

Mr. Mojo Risin

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mojo Risin,

Couldn't agree with you more, but forget about the boro of landfills and mosquitos and lets look closer to home.

There is Ognibene who has had a dark cloud hanging over him for many years now. It was so bad that even with a Republican Govenor & his good friend George Pataki at the helm he still couldn't pass the smell test and get a judgeship.

Then there is Elizabeth Crowley, who was investigated and found liable for several campaign finance illegalities and is still paying off a fine of over $50,000. Guess if her name was Smith or Jones she couldn't even be qualified to run for dogcatcher. (sorry, didn't mean to offend our furry friends)

Maybe it's time for a new, fresh face - no matter what his or her political affiliation is - that isn't bringing along any unwanted extra baggage.

In The Land Of The Blind The One Eyed Man Is King

Anonymous said...

Who would that new face be sir?
Como? He is Serpin Maltese's lackey...The fact is the same party has had this seat for close to 30 + years, so when you speak of change, I think it might be a change of parties good sir.

We wonder why nothing gets done in Middle Village. Maybe its because we have 1 of only 2 Republicans on the city council who really aren't in any position to get anything done or bring home the bacon to our district.

The Queens County GOP has been on a respirator for almost 20 years, its about time someone pulled the plug on them.

Anyway, residents in Middle Village need to see the writing on the wall, Serpin Maltese is being targeted and will have a very tough re election fight if he in fact decides to run again. If a Democrat wins that seat, you think he'll take care of the Republican city councilmen? If you said yes, think again...

I think despite everything Crowley will win the spot. 2008 will not be a republican year...

Being a Republican in 2008 is like being a Mason at a Knights of Columbus picnic....

Mr. Mojo Risin