Friday, May 23, 2008

Vote Tom Ognibene! He has A Lot of Real (Estate) Friends

Take a look at who has contributed to Mr. Ognibene's campaign. There are many developers on the list. Therefore, it is very surprising that Bob Holden and Christina Wilkinson are supporting Ognibene because we all know they despise greedy developers. But we also know the reality that they are the biggest self-serving hypocrites living in the Western Hemisphere.

It is so true that "Birds of a feather flock together"

Big Bird Ognibene, Dodo Bird Holden and "I Like to Eat" Peking Duck Wilkinson should really go flock themselves.

Here are is the list of developers who have purchased Ognibene:

Athineos Enterprises

This company profile is for the private company Athineos Enterprises Inc, located in Brooklyn, NY. Unicorn 151's line of business is real estate management.

Samson Management

Samson Management owns and manages about 6,000 apartments in the NYC metro area.

Lemle & Wolff, Inc

Lemle & Wolff has been committed to providing decent, safe, and affordable housing to residents of Manhattan and the Bronx since 1938. At Lemle & Wolff, people come first. Our motivated staff take a personal interest in the buildings entrusted to our care and the communities we service. We pride ourselves on our ability to foster positive relationships with our tenants through professionalism and mutual respect.

As a full-service real estate firm, we are experienced in real estate development, contracting, rehabilitation, management, and maintenance.

Manhattan Skyline Management

The company currently manages nearly 4,000 luxury apartments located in the City's most desirable residential neighborhoods. Our goal is to provide our residents with quality homes, attractive surroundings and the highest level of personal service. The organization's reputation for superior apartment residences is unmatched in the New York area. Manhattan Skyline's experienced team of professional building managers offers attentive, 24 hour service for our residents, meticulously overseeing everything from building security and repair work to code compliance. Our own maintenance staff enables us to respond quickly and to appropriately handle tenant and building situations as they arise.

Manhattan Skyline's success and reputation for well run properties also stems from its in-house staff of architects, leasing and accounting back office support personnel and construction division. We are constantly implementing comprehensive preventive maintenance schedules and initiating capital improvements to maintain the highest quality in the buildings we manage.

M&R Management, Inc.

Company involved with Real Estate Management and development.

Tryax Realty Management Inc.

For over 30 years Tryax Realty Management has offered well maintained, secure, quality rental housing in the West Bronx and Harlem.

Tryax Realty Management serves the West Bronx communities of Morris Heights, Mt. Eden, Melrose, High Bridge, Kingsbridge and Norwood, and the Harlem communities of Hamilton Heights, Sugar Hill, and Strivers Row. This comprehensive online tool offers direct access to our latest listings for rental apartments in your area

Plaza Realty

Reality Company specializing in Manhattan properties. They also were involved with a mortgage foreclosure scam resulting in the displacement of many tenants.

Daily News Article: "Forced from homes in subprime ground zero"

Ditmas Management Corp.

This company profile is for the private company Ditmas Management Corp, located in Cedarhurst, NY. Ditmas Management Corp's line of business is real estate managers & operators.

Equitable Management Corp.

Company is involved with real estate investment, development and management.

Leonard Litwin

Leonard Litwin is an American real estate developer specializing in residential construction through his company, Glenwood Management. His company Glenwood Management is currently as ofAugust 07 very close to finishing a building next to Ground Zero.

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