Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kenneth Rudzewick Honored...

Photo courtesy of the Queens Ledger

I recently read that Our Lady of Hope, a church in Middle Village hosted their 7th Annual Endowment Fund Dinner Dance. I found out that the fund was created to assist families in financial crisis so that their children can continue their religious education. Congratulations to the creators of the fund for their compassion and dedication to the children of our communities.

I also learned, however, that the fund chose to honor Mr. Kenneth Rudzewick, a name I have only read negative things about in the Juniper Berry. Confusion filled my head and I wondered why such a noble and wonderful event chose such an evil and despicable man to honor. Shame on me! I should have known better than to believe the berry propaganda machine and its cog, Holden. Consequently, if you only knew the name Kenneth Rudzewick from reading the Juniper Berry you would think that Mr. Rudzewick:

A: Is Un-American.
B: Tramples on the Constitution.
C: Betrayer of the Community.
D: Political Operative.
E: A Liar.
F: A Cheat.
G: Darth Vader.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Mr. Rudezwick for not doing the research earlier and realize that he was just another person on the long list of individuals Bob Holden attacks and maligns unfairly. Therefore, I am going to make it up to Mr. Rudzewick and print why he deserved to be honored by the Endowment Fund and the community:

• Kenneth Rudzewick attended St. Stanislaus Grade School and his high school years were spent at Holy Trinity High School in Brooklyn.
• He went to New York University to major in finance and in 1974 graduated from Indiana University Graduate School of Savings and Loan Associations.
• In 1958, Ken joined the 69th Infantry Regiment in Manhattan. His military service included 6 months of active duty and 5 1/2 years of active National Guard service.
• Ken started his banking career in 1956 at Maspeth Federal Savings and advanced through the Savings Department, Credit, Audit, Mortgage Origination and Servicing Departments, where he attained the title of Executive Vice President and Mortgage Officer.
• In 1987, Chairman of the Board, Franklin J. Frontera announced his election to the Board of Directors. After 43 years of service, in 1999, Ken was elected to the prominent position of President and Chief Executive Officer.
• Ken is proud of the fact that he has helped the bank maintain its “small town atmosphere in a large city environment.”
• “We treat you like Family” is Maspeth Federal’s new millennium theme which he has endorsed to better serve the people of our neighborhood and community.
• A life-long resident of the Maspeth area, he has been involved in and lent his talents to his community in so many ways.
• His most distinguished contribution to his community has been his very hard work and dedication in leadership roles as Past President of the United Veterans and Fraternal Organization of Maspeth, Maspeth Kiwanis and Maspeth Town Hall, to name a few.
• His efforts with the UVFOM have been critical in the rejuvenation of patriotic and civic spirit with the annual Memorial Day Parade and ceremonies, the dedication of the flag pole and Memorial Honor Roll in Maspeth Memorial Park.
• As Parade Chairman he continues to lead and direct in this important community event.
• Ken has also been instrumental in the success of Maspeth Town Hall as a multi-faceted community center for all the people in the Maspeth area.
• He is a member of the Queensboro Elks #878, Francis Cardinal Spellman Council Knights of Columbus, and a booster member of the Maspeth Post, American Legion and Kowalinski Post.
• Ken and his wife Barbara are happily married and live in Middle Village
• Kenneth is a family man who is a proud husband, father and grandfather.

Who would you believe, Bob Holden or the hundreds of people who gathered at the dinner dance to honor Mr. Rudezwick and support this charitable organization?

I’m going with the hundreds of people. Congratulations Mr. Rudezwick for your deserved honor.

Special thanks to my research team (Ted) for providing me with the facts.


Thomas said...

Congratulations to Mr. Rudezwick. I'm glad that some people take the time and research information and not believe the crap that comes from the berry and the egomaniacal ranting of a raving lunatic like Bob Holden.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bob was upset that Kenneth does'nt beat his wife, kids and the family cat. (bob is not a dog person)

Anonymous said...

A crying shame that Bob Holden couldn't put his petty differences behind and show up at this event that raises money for Our Lady of Hope Kids.

Anonymous said...

Bob coludn't profit from this why would he show.

Anonymous said...

Not one Juniper Civic Association Executive committee member showed. They were to busy Blogging about MSGR Sivillo. Thanks to the good men and woman who contributed to this event.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone expect Juniper Civic to show up to this event, they only care about their next press release.

Anonymous said...

What JPCA is doing to Mr. Rudzwick is despicable. Mr Rudzewick has taken up the cudgel and is filling the shoes as our generations Mr. Maspeth. We Love you Kenny and Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rudezwick is a class act, always has been always will be. Despite a few social misfits who are trying to create a power base everyone loves this guy. A Veteran involved in the community a person who donates money to worthy causes without asking in return.

I wish I could elect Kenny as President of JPCA so real leadership could be restored.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

An open election at JPCA thats as likely to happen as a valid treasures report.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that Gallagher has stood up to "KING BOB" and has refused to fund an organization full of HATE. I hope that Msgr. Sivillo realizes what Bob is all about.

Anonymous said...

Oh Please? Is that you Bobbie dear, can't face the fact that Kenny is a real leader and your a loser.

Anonymous said...

If you want to read a real story about Kenny read about Kenny before Bob Holden decided to run against him for Political party position as a Democratic County Committee Member. The Berry article was a fair assesment of Kenny and how much he means to our community.

Bob Holden a failure as a leader, a thief and even more of a failure as a human being.

Anonymous said...

Kenny beat back Bob Holden in that election Bob lost his own home Election District. Guy wants to runfor City Council and he can't even win where he lives.

Anonymous said...

Tony Nunziata's family lost the race too. They decided to challenge Marge Markey and got beat like a rented mule.

Anonymous said...

Everyone can now figure that these power hungy maniaical political whores have garnered no respect. I trust the electorate. Bob Holden will never get elected except as the President of the "He-man Woman Haters Club"

Anonymous said...

More like the "Woman Beaters Club"

Anonymous said...

Speaking of a Treasurers reports in all my years as a member of the Juniper Park Civic Association I have never heard a Treasures report being given.


Is the JPCA money being spent on Bob’s personal items?

Did the JPCA coffers pay for Bob's illegally renovated home?

Did the Midville Dodgers money get siphoned off and find its way into Bob’s Pockets?

Those who live in a glass house should never throw stones.

Bob lives in a very fragile Glass house that is about to come shattering down.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that Bob lives in a "Illegal Glass House"

Anonymous said...

Bob Holden is like a school yard bully. You don't fight back he gets worse and worse. You fight back he crumbles at the seams. Bob has so many enemies that all have banded together to fight back. It will be great to watch this coward get a dose of his own medicine.

Anonymous said...

Bob has managed to get people with resources to check into his background and his financials. He should have left well enough alone. When the results of the investigative report are mailed I wonder what George Pataki will think about him.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you some of the things that will likely be found:

Improperly using Non for Profit funds. Money used for Bob'spersonal use.

Misallocating Taxpayer funds for personal financial gain.

Using Juniper Park Civic money to enhance his business.

Using Juniper Civic equipment to enhance his business.

Threatening local business with protest should they not donate to his pet political causes.

Threatening local business if they do not support his "Cash Cow" Midville Dodgers.

More to be found more already known.

No More we will stop “Above The Law Holden” The mail will continue.

Anonymous said...

we get it Holden is an idiot. Move on. This site will never survive unless it stops being so silly

Anonymous said...

Please read Joe Cimino's comments two blogs down. These are words to live by. Stop trying to ruin people's lives. Let's be civil. These words that are written are very hurtful. Do you have parents, and or children? How would you feel if this crap was written about them. Remember what goes around comes around. And that is a fact!

Anonymous said...

As Memorial Day approaches I get ready to break out my Red White and blue shirt with my snazzy American Flag Pin. I will sit on the sidelines on Grand Avenue and watch America's hero's come marching down. I can't help but to notice that most of the local's we will honor this weekend are JPCA enemies.

Eileen Reilly: Grand Marshall Maspeth Parade - On Tony Nunziata and Bob Holden's hit list. As they Target to destroy Maspeth Town Hall

Pat Toro: President Vietnam Veterans Grand Marshall In Ridgewood - Stopped by Bob Holden and Lorraine Scuilli from having the Veterans Moving Wall in Middle Village.

Kenny Rudzweick: The Master of Ceremonies of the Maspeth Parade and a true Patriot. Targeted by Bob Holden and Tony Nunziata because they are Jealous.

I will give thanks Today in Maspeth and tomorrow in Ridgewood and Glendale for our war hero's, but I will remember those who dishonor our local leaders who serve us so well. Shame on you Holden and Company you are Ant-American

Anonymous said...

I guess no matter what, there will always be those mean spirited people who just can't help themselves and continue to say hurtful things about others. They just don't get it.

Memorial Day is not about Holden, Markey, Tony or Ken. It is about giving tribute to our fallen heros.


Anonymous said...

i have been a life long resident of middle village an i am amazed how holden has fooled us all. bob is only about himself an what he can skim off all of his groups.shame on you bob

Ben said...

hey tony the tulip what
are you going to do when bob is arrested.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Grow Up and Get a Life... you fail to get it people died to protect our freedoms, freedoms which we are so lucky to enjoy. When tyrants are in our midst destroying people’s lives are ruling the community with an iron fist. It is appropriate to fight back and sadly yes even on Memorial Day.

Bob Holden turns people in at the buildings department and refuses to allow an inspector to investigate his own home, people who have special rules for themselves and then rules for the rest of the "peasants" have to be stopped.