Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Money Can’t Buy You Love, But It Can Buy You A New Bus Route

I am a frequent passenger on the Q54 and commuted using the bus for over 30 years to get to my job at the Long Island Railroad yard in Jamaica. I'm appalled and angered that the MTA would change the route to accommodate the Atlas Mall. The route change means burdening passengers by adding additional commuting time to an already unreliable bus service. The change will eliminate a stop, force the buses to make three additional turns and bring pollution and noise to local residents. However, it only cost the Atlas Park owners $200,000 to have the bus route changed. (Standard price for bus shelter and curb cut). I wonder how much it would cost me to have the Q54 pick me up in front of my house or drop off my many visitors at my front door.

The reason for the change was to help Atlas Mall bring in more customers to shop in their high end stores. Realistically, people who can afford to shop and eat at Atlas Park are not taking public transportation to enjoy the “mixed shopping experience” (they don’t want you calling it a mall). For example, I love my dog, but would I buy him a $65 water bowl found in Atlas Park, to drink from when he’s thirsty? C’mon, he would drink from the toilet if I let him!

Let’s face it; Atlas Mall should be placed somewhere in Port Washington or Manhasset and not in hardworking middle class Glendale/Middle Village. We are more concerned about getting to work on time, getting home at a decent hour to spend time with our families and keeping our streets safe and clean. Keep the bus route the way it’s been for decades and if you want more customers, put in a few stores that Queens residents can afford.


NY Zeitgeist said...

I agree with the above assessment of the Atlas Terminal mall. This was a poorly planned project from the start. The developer said that traffic would not be impacted at all yet, it is twice as congested as before thanks to the addition of stoplights so that traffic can exit the mall.
The developer said that the neighborhood would not be impacted yet parking is impossible and crime is on the rise in the immediate area surrounding the mall.
This is just another case of a quick buck being made at the expense of the neighborhood. A better idea for the terminal would have been to convert it back into a transfer terminal to allow more freight to enter Queens via rail and removing truck traffic from the streets.

Just my opinion.


MikeO said...

We were never notified of a vote by the Transportation of CB5Q

The bus route doesn't have to be changed. Write to your elected officials and the MTA. Let them know how you feel about the proposal. MTA Addresses are:

Howard Roberts President of the MTA
2 Broadway
NY NY 10004
Lois Tendler VP For Community Affairs
2 Broadway
NY NY 10004

If everyone who reads this writes we can stop the change.
Also Let Weiner, Hevesi , Maltese Gallagher know how you feel

Anonymous said...

I love the mall. I think they did a beautiful job. It spiffs up the neighborhood. The shopping is great and you can get some good deals on sale items. I no longer travel to Long Island to shop. I agree with the blogger that the bus route should NOT change to accomodate the mall. That is wrong! They have enough parking garages!

MikeO said...

People who shop at that Mall are not going to take a bus. At any rate do the math. A car can hold a family of 5 and can park for $3.00 the same 5 people on a bus costs $10.00. Which would you do?

Anonymous said...

Smart people can sit down and perhaps change the route without hurting Cooper Avenue Residents.