Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Enemies in our Midst

Thankfully, the FBI and New Jersey State Troopers were able to foil a terrorist plot to assassinate American soldiers on American soil. We owe these diligent, courageous and tenacious men and women in law enforcement our deepest gratitude and admiration. Their hard work and determination prevented the deaths of untold innocent Americans.

It is being reported that the six men trying to hatch a terrorist plot are all foreign born, in their mid to late twenties and Muslim. Now if this isn’t a reason to incorporate racial profiling into investigating tactics, I don’t know what further evidence we need to wake up to the reality of terrorism. Can we please now end the practice of searching and questioning 72 year old women carrying rosary beads in our airports? We need to be prudent, realistic and not fall prey to the clueless civil libertarians who want us to suspect everyone equally. We are under attack from within and we need to act accordingly.

It is alarming that even after the United States opened up its arms, welcomed these men and offered them a chance for freedom, they thank our great country by plotting to kill Americans. There is no hope to “Americanize” these fanatics and have them assimilate into our culture. Their sole purpose is to infiltrate our borders, hide within our tranquil communities and laying in wait until they are ready to execute their murderous agenda. Furthermore, three of the terrorist were in the United States illegally like millions of other undocumented workers. Therefore, I hope this is a wake-up call to our elected officials in Washington and they reconsider granting amnesty to illegal aliens because the amnesty you grant today could be the tragedy you face tomorrow.

The terrorists are here and they are waiting to strike. American should take every measure and utilize every resource available to ensure our safety. In times of war, civil liberties need to be infringed upon so that we do not have to endure the horror of American blood being spilled on American soil.


Anonymous said...

Our citizens make our country great. Thanks to them numerous acts of violence have been thwarted.

Anonymous said...

Close our Borders Now before it is to late.

Anonymous said...

New immigrants to the United States don't want to be Americans they want America to adapt to them. This is a problem Patriots should be Bloging about.