Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hero to Zero Series, Part IV

Congressman Joseph Crowley Former Juniper Park Civic Associations Man of the Year Now Hero to Zero
For years, Congressman Joseph Crowley was an active participant and frequent visitor at Juniper Civic meetings. He first attended as our elected Assemblyman and then as he climbed the political ladder, as our illustrious Congressman. Congressman Crowley has proven that he is an intelligent and effective elected official who works hard for his constituency. His dedication was recognized by the Queens Democratic Party by naming him the county leader. However, it is strange that such a dynamic and important elected official has not been seen recently at any Juniper Civic meetings. Why you may ask? It’s simple. Congressman Crowley had a difference of opinion with Bob Holden of the Juniper Civic Association and was relegated to a Zero by King Bob of Juniper. Yet again this is another example of the fickle and vicious nature of the JPCA leadership.

For years the Juniper Berry glowingly praised Joe Crowley and even touted his many accomplishments. Articles included:

“Assemblyman Crowley applauds passage of Megan’s Law”
“Assemblyman Crowley brings Mall Fight to TV”
“Slow Down on Quick Draw” by Assemblyman Joseph Crowley
“Crowley Introduces Welfare Reform Package”
“Beware of New Telephone $cam” by Assemblyman Joseph Crowley
“Crowley Sponsors Anti Window Tinting Bill”
“Auto Theft Relief Could Albany Have the Answers” by Joseph Crowley
“Crowley Sponsors Bill for Air Bag Theft”

Congressman Joe Crowley was a key supporter of the Juniper Park Civic Association until he dared to disagree with Bobby H. The disagreement stemmed from how the Congressman was handling the Keyspan Gas Tank issue. Congressman Crowley, however, worked with his colleagues in government to ensure that the site would be converted into a park. It seems that even if you disagree in part with Holden you are still banished to Juniper Bogey land.

As always, don’t believe the Patriots check for yourself. Peruse the recent and future editions of the Berry are you will notice the absence of our Congressman. Once again Bob Holden has alienated and cast out another elected official who deserves our respect.

Please remember that no matter how much you do for the Juniper Civic if you disagree once you are deemed unsuitable for elected office and are continually admonished. Consequently, Juniper Park Civic Man of the Year Congressman Joe Crowley turns into the forgotten man. Just another sad chapter in the JPCA Hero to Zero sagas. Stay tuned for more.


Anonymous said...

Crowley was a fixture at Juniper meetings I wondered where he went.

Mike said...

Joe Crowley is a fine man, he led us in the fight for the Elmhurst Gas Tanks, if it weren't for him and Gallagher our area would be commercially over developed. I guess Bob was unhappy he didn't get the Park named after him.

Anonymous said...

Crowley Keep up the good work you are reelected because of the people not because of the Juniper Park Egomaniacs.

Anonymous said...

Congressman Crowley is a great representative he helped my daughter get into college. I am disabled he came personally to my house with a letter of recommendation. It is a shame that our local civic has decided to treat him with such disrespect. In this day and age how many elected officials would go to someone’s house if there was a problem? Joe Crowley you have my support, Juniper you lost my respect.

Anonymous said...

I am new to this Blogging thing but this is my 4th post. I am amazed at how this Civic organization still exists. At PS 128 all they can talk about is the 2 idiots on the community board that clearly wanted to oppose the K- 8 expansion, both JPCA members. They are too old to understand the needs of our kids. Perhaps Holden and that Lorraine whatever her last name is should step out of the 1950's and join reality. Yes folks this is 2007 welcome.

Anonymous said...

How do you get previous copies of the Berry?

Anonymous said...

This Hero to Zero series sure points out how hypocritical the Juniper Park Civic Association is. I am so glad this site has become so successful.

Anonymous said...

You last post lacks the humor shown in all the others please don't lose that charm it is so special.

Anonymous said...

If I had a million Dollars

I would

Buy the Patriots a life.

Anonymous said...

Ask Holden and see if he could lend you some .

Peter said...

Maybe they don't write about him anymore because after redistricting he no longer represents their area. Besides, who says a civic newsletter is supposed to pander to politicians?

Anonymous said...

A civic should not be partisian to any party. Elected officials try their best for all their constituants not just a select few. The should not interfere with things they can not change. One thing that keeps coming up is the word landmarking. If an owner chooses to landmark his/her property so be it. It should be no one eleses decesion. If a property is for sale and the civic wants it landmarked they should reach into their PERSONAL pockets and buy it. Stop wasting tax payers money on foolish lawsuits. JPC next time something for sale why not purchare it.