Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Romo Says NoNo to Bimbo

The Dallas Cowboys and their quarterback are taking no chances on Sunday. It is being reported that bad luck charm Jessica Simpson will not be in the stands on Sunday for the Giants-Cowboys playoff battle.

This is a big blow to superstitious Giants fans who were hoping for the Simpson mojo that helped the Eagles beat Dallas a few weeks ago.

During that game, Romeo Romo had his season's worst outing as Jinxica Simpson watched from the stands wearing a pink Cowboy jersey with his No. 9 on the back.

Her jock strap had no touchdowns, three interceptions, and a dismal 22.2 QB rating in the 10-6 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. As compared to his breakthrough 2007 season which included 36 TD passes, just 19 interceptions and a sky-high 97.4 rating. (No girlfriend in the stand).

But Jessica is not the only blonde voodoo princess. Let's remember that in 2006, Romo's worst game came on Dec. 25 with his blonde du jour, "American Idol" Carrie Underwood, at the game. In the 23-7 home loss, also to the Eagles, Romo threw two interceptions and just one touchdown and had a season-low QB rating of 45.5. The abysmal performance put a blemish on a great rookie season that saw him toss 19 touchdowns and 13 picks, and garner a 95.1 rating.

The Patriots predict that the Giants will beat the Cowboys 28-21. We believe that the Giants Big D and Jessica's Double D's are too much for Romo to handle.

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