Monday, January 28, 2008

A letter from the "Stop the Q45" Committee

Dear Patriots,

As "Stop The Q45" committee and residents of Glendale, we are staunchly opposed to the rerouting of the Q45 bus from it's current terminal location at Eliot Ave. to the quiet residential streets of Glendale.

As we have attended numerous meetings with the local community board 5 and property owners over the past two months, we have observed that nothing has been done in terms of stopping the proposals dead in their tracks. Most recently, Larry Silverstein, a current MTA Bus board member, attended the transportation meeting for community board 5. He had showed the members of the board and the residents of Glendale, 6 new proposals for the bus rerouting. Attached to this e-mail are the proposals Mr. Silverstein showed at the meeting as well as the original proposals (and will be happy to forward them to anyone who writes and requests them). We have greatly opposed the 6 original proposals from the MTA back in October and every time we suggest that they turn the bus around in the Shops at Atlas Park, we are quickly cut off and ignored. Why? It is after all owned by the current MTA Chairman and has enough space to make the turn around. The fact that they want to reroute down private residential streets is going to cause numerous quality of life issues for the residents of Glendale.

Finally, we are tired of the MTA thinking that we will not "make noise" and go down without a fight. We are trying to get the word out to every blog, newspaper and television program in our area. We would appreciate you placing this information on the blog as it will help us win the fight!

To let your voice be heard, please contact us at You can remain anonymous.

The "Stop the Q45" committee

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