Thursday, January 24, 2008

Charges Against Gallagher Dropped!!!

It is reported that Councilman Dennis Gallagher has been cleared of all charges against him. The Patriots want to congratulate Councilman Gallagher for his rightful vindication and deserving exoneration.

The Patriots admire his strength, conviction and courage during this period of extreme adversity and unfair criticism.

The Patriots demand that Robert Holden, Tony Nunziato, Christine Wilkinson, Ed Kamperman, Bob Doocey, and the entire JPCA membership, Queens Crap, the Juniper Berry and the Forum West publicly apologize to the councilman.

Their despicable behavior, actions and commentaries were shameful, deceitful and unforgivable. They tried to convict Gallagher despite the overwhelming evidence of his innocence.

The front page of the next Juniper Berry should read:


The front page of the next Forum West should read:


We hope that our communities rise up and demand that Holden and his cronies relinquish their positions with the Juniper Park Civic Association, Midville Dodgers, Juniper Berry, and the Forum West.

The Patriots stood by the councilman and proudly proclaim that



Anonymous said...

Bad day to be Bob Holden and the JPCA executive board (but then again, when is it a good day to be them).

Two more abject failures and public humiliations to add to their list of disgraces, misjudgements, and failed vendettas.

Holden and company need to be held accountable for their trial by misinformation and rumor about Gallagher.

Holden and the entire JPCA board are a total disgrace to themselves and their communities.

Nice try guys. You failed again, and again, and again, and again.

How long can Middle Village tolerate the damage and shame they bring to our community? The people have had ENOUGH of the JPCA board. It's time they crawled back under their rock and let competence reign.

Anonymous said...

You do realize that the DA is moving to re-indict? Read the NY Times, dingbats.

mv ben said...

Way to go Dennis!!!

How about we ask the Town Idiots Bob "Hitler" Holden, Tony "No nuts" Nunziato, Christina "I love Arby's" Wilkinson to go away .. forever!!!

Robert said...

From the Crapper site:

" Julie said...

Nothing about what happened today says that Pinky's innocent, it says that the DA's office failed to exercise discretion during the indictment. They will and should re-indict."

Julie ...Wake Up!! And stop reading the lies on the crapper.

There was no crime. Having consensual sex is not a crime … why waste more taxpayer money on this none-issue?

Remember our dear President Clinton?? And he lied about it (under oath), and we still kept him as President.

The evidence points to exactly what CM Gallagher said – it was consensual, not rape, and the DA knows it.

Period. Done.

Thomas said...

Bob must be giving himself an anal laxative about right now

Mike said...

This is just the beginning. Wait until all the evidence comes about the alleged victim and her contradictions!

Congratulations Gallagher. You won the first major battle

Mary said...

What is that I smell? Is that crow under glass served warm to the JPCA?

Flower Boy said...

Bobby slammed my head against the walls of his illegally converted basement when he heard the news.

I love you Bob even when you hurt me.

JohnDoe said...

You know the morons over at the JPCA and the crap are going to try to spin this story to their benefit. However, the community knows they are a bunch of ignorant malcontents and that Gallagher won and Bobby boy lost!

Mark said...

zippitty doo daaaaa zipppty aaaaaa. my oh my what a wonderful day...plent of sunshine coming my way. zippty doo daaaa Bob go away

Gary said...

Stay strong know these bastards will not rest and will lie, cheat and steal in order to malign your character.

The community is behind you.

Justice served said...

The man is innocent. The indictment was flawed. The witness (not victim!)is unstable and not credible. The Queens DA did some posturing after this just decision by Judge Roman. Take this to the bank; The "People" will not re-present after reviewing all that should have been reviewed last summer. Bravo, Dennis.

Anonymous said...

"The Patriots demand that Robert Holden, Tony Nunziato, Christine Wilkinson, Ed Kamperman, Bob Doocey, and the entire JPCA membership, Queens Crap, the Juniper Berry and the Forum West publicly apologize to the councilman."

Then you should also demand Richard Brown's apology. But he is not in an apologizing mood. In fact...

"The Queens District Attorney said in a statement, “the testimony and evidence presented to the grand jury was legally sufficient to support each and every one of the counts charged.”
The D.A's office said the matter will be re-presented to another Grand Jury."

Anonymous said...

wow! you guys are really assh-----!!!! What does JUniper park and his gang have to do with this? They didn't make him pick up women? We still dont know if this woman was raped. The charges were dropped only because of how they questioned the defendent
...not because of evidence.
DON"T CELEBRATE YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I raise my champagne glass to toast another JPCA executive board defeat.

Those clownholes tried their best to malign, character assisinate, and slander an innocent man. Now for their moment of Zen.

Crow, served up cold. Eat it Bobby, eat it Numb Nutz, eat it Wilkentubby, you too Dooce-hole, and don't forget Auntie or Edwardo.

How many defeats will you all suffer before you take a long look in the mirror and realize that you're ALWAYS on the wrong side of the issues?

I'm losing track of all your defeats. I've run out of fingers and toes to count them all.

Thomas said...

It's laughable that Bob has his cronies come on here and post. The truth of the matter is that there was no rape. The truth is that it was consensual sex between two adults. It may have been poor judgment on the councilman's part but there was no crime. Moreover, the alleged victim has a history of being a habitual liar and it will come out that she also has "ties" to the councilman's enemies. I agree that this is not end but I do believe this is this beginning of Gallagher's complete vindication.

Linda said...

Have we learn anything from the Duke University case? Once again an over zealous prosecution team has shown a blatant disregard for the judicial system and has forgotten the premise that EVERYONE is innocent until proven guilty. They were more concerned for making a name for themselves than the truth. The dropping of the indictment is only the first step to a full aquittal becuase the facts of the case will not get a conviction.

Joseph said...

I have heard from reliable sources that there might be a link between Tony Nunziato and the "alleged" victim. Conspiracy?

Anonymous said...

I agree. Although it may have been a bad decision on Gallagher's part, consensual sex between adults is not a crime.

However, I am sorry to inform Bob Holden and Tony Nunziato that farm animals cannot agree to consent

Anonymous said...

Did anyone figure out if the DA illegally questioned Gallagher refused to allow for Judicial Intervention to Gallagher's Counsel and to Grand Jurors... Do you think they presented all the evidence to the Grand Jury?


This Misconduct goes further when you see that all the Police records, all the statements from witnessess including people that testified in the Grand Jury who are now publiclly stating Gallagher is innocent.

The DA didn't call a witness that said they heard no screaming at the time of the alledged incident even though the witness was 5 feet away.

The DA didn't mention the woman sad she was forced up a flight of stairs that is steep and nearly impossiable to force some one up unless your a Politician named Arnold!

Lets not forget the woman said she was tied up! Then her clothes were removed anyone care to tell me how this happened?

You can bet that the DA never brought up these facts and many more that the Defense team has learned of.


Anonymous said...

The word about town is that the alledged victim not only has falsley accused Gallagher but filed a charge against her own daughter and against the Police department, watch out Mr. DA you may be the next one she turns on!

Anonymous said...

I think the DA will represent the case and maybe Gallagher gets reindicted but he will never get convicted. The wild goose chase will end and Gallgher will connect the JPCA with documents sent to the DA's office and he will be vindicated

Anonymous said...

I hear that this woman is telling a different story each day to whoever will listen. It is amazing how a woman who says she was beaten attacked and visciosly raped has no choke marks like she clains no marks from being tied up as she claims and the defense has an eye witness the prosecution is unaware of.

Gallagher will be cleared and then lawsuits will follow

Anonymous said...

I hear that Gallagher’s team was putting in a Brady request with the Court for all information relating the DA's office and its dealings with Bob Holden and the JPCA, also since leaked information was printed on the Crap the administrator of the Crap may well be subpoenaed!

I also heard that a Gallagher team Investigator has uncovered a relationship between the alleged victim and JPCA executive board member Tony Nunziato.

I heard that Gallagher's JPCA Investigation tab alone ran over $50,000 of his and his family’s personal money the bad news for him is that amount is growing each day.

I hear there is some damning info on Mr. Holden including a letter sent from his computer a prosecutor
More to follow!

Anonymous said...

I have lived and still do live in MV for over 20 some od yrs have seen all the assholes in and around the JPCA.They should all grow up and help MV insted of trying to get a picture of them self in any local paper...

Trying to sell the crap they are really helping MV...Ihave been a couch for RGMVLL & CYO & ALSO a local Football team that play in this park......We have so many new and young new people comming into MV that we need to start our own NEW & INPROVED JPCA...

One that will care and not want PICTURES of them self trying to look like they care.....Bob i fro one am working on this 7 i'll tell you thi....... YOUR FUKIN DAYS ARE NUMBERED.....WEWILL HWVE A NEW JPCA BY FALL...IF IT KILLS ME....MORE TO FOLLOW.....

Scac said...

Why is it that the JPCA doesnt publish THIS STORY on their website???? They only publish articles that are ANTI-Gallagher or PRO-their Agenda.

Anonymous said...

Don't applaud Coucilman Gallagher. What he did was wrong and doesn't represent what Middle Village stands for. He risked his career and put his family thru hell for what? Sex with elderly women who has mental problems? Nice judgement.

And lets not forget that he was the guy who did Bob Holden's bidding for the longest time, and how the JPCA covered up for him in exchange for him acting as their errand boy. I can't stand Bob Holden, but we shouldn't act like Gallagher's the Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus and that he has had some type of metamorphosis. Gallagher is still hanging on because people hate Holden and his minions at the JPCA more.

If Gallagher really wants to help put a dog run in the park. He'll have a hell of a lot of dog owners who'll be very apprectiative of him and his efforts.

Mr. Mojo Risin

Anonymous said...

Red Wine 40 where do you get your happy endings?