Monday, January 28, 2008

Juniper Park Giants Salute the Super Bowl

The Juniper Park Giants (we are changing our name until after the Super Bowl) are going to post articles about the Super Bowl this entire week. We are going to take a break from bashing Holden, Nunziato, Wilkinson, Kamperman, Scuilli, Doocey and their shameful antics. Although bashing them is one of our favorite sports, we think it is more appropriate to comment this week on the much anticipated football game.

Although I am a Jets fan, (my partner is diehard Giants Fan) I am jumping on the Giants bandwagon because like many Jets fan, I despise the New England Patriots.

We hope that the Giants crush the Patriots and spoil their undefeated season.

A little Jets story:

While having dinner with my son we were fantasizing about how great it would be to see the Jets in the Super Bowl. Then my son said,

“You know what Dad? The last time the Jets were in the Super Bowl I was in diapers and it looks like the next time they get into the Super Bowl I will once again be in diapers.”

That’s what I call “full circle”

GO GIANTS!!!!!!!

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