Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Queens GOP Should Not Support Florist SOB

According to City Hall News, Tony (Tulips) Nunziato has political aspirations and might be running for either the Assembly or City Council. The City Hall News reports that the repugnant “Tulips” is a floral shop entrepreneur and executive board member of the JPCA. Since when is being a glorified weed whacker and lying big mouth qualify you for elected office? The Queens GOP must be scraping the bottom of the barrel for candidates to even consider supporting Numb nuts Nunziato.

Even more disturbing is that Robert Holden has been using the civic association, the Juniper Berry and the Forum West as political machines to get “their” guys elected. Holden is stealing taxpayer money to ensure that he has unlimited access to elected friends and receive political favors.

Imagine a world where Holden and his cronies controlled the city:

  • All unleashed dogs would be shot on command
  • All houses built before 2007 would be land marked
  • Lorraine Sciulli would be stuffed and permanently placed on the newly renovated Juniper ballfields to scare away children who want to play baseball on them
  • A law passed mandating that a Juniper Berry be placed in every public toilet
  • Only Holden and those close to him can make improvements to their homes or convert their basements into printing mills
  • Ed Kamperman would be given unlimited access to German Brew Houses and hairy bar wenches
  • Pass the Wilkinson Resolution which would require the recording industry and mainstream media to ban the use of the words “fat, portly, chubby and stupid”.
  • Tony Avella would name himself czar of New York and fornicate with horses that pull carriages.
  • The Nunziato family would be named the official mascot of the NY Knicks
  • Millions of people would leave the city and move to Newark and Jersey City for a better way of life.

The Juniper Park Patriots know that Tony Tulips has a better chance of being elected “Maspeth Town Idiot” than being elected to any political position where he could cause serious harm to our communities.


Anonymous said...

Heaven help us. Numb Nutz Nunziato is barely competent enough to collect sales tax at his flower shop (?). If that boob got into office, Herr Holden would be pulling the strings.

Anyone can see for themselves that as a member of the JPCA exec board, Holden and Numb Nutz are frequently on the wrong side of the issues, with a lack of compromise and good spiritedness that's critical in politics.

Let him run. We'll see the community response when they see this jack arse trying to answer about his past.

mv ben said...

Tony “no nuts” couldn’t be elect town jerk off. My friends at UNICO tell me that they made the mistake of put him in charge of a committee months ago to “come up with ideas for future projects”, and he can’t even come up with an agenda never mind a good idea.

He is nothing but a Holden lap dog.

Tony go home, Bob is calling you …. LOL

Anonymous said...

MV Ben is sooo wrong; Tony "Tulips" couldn't even be elect town j/o. He is such a complete idiot; he even needs Bob to show him how to do that (probably with Christina helping).

Anonymous said...

Tulips on an organ.

Anonymous said...

One more reason to vote for a Democrat.Have the Republicans got that desperate to run candidates that they have to run Monkey Boy Tony Nunziato?

The sad part is with all the numb skulls in the JPCA he could win.

Mr. Mojo Risin

Anonymous said...

The great shame is I have to have my dog on a leash when I go to Juniper Park , but Monkey Boy Tony Nunziato can swing from the trees and drag his knuckles around the park.

Anonymous said...

It appears that Bob Doocey mixed some cocktails and sat down at his keyboard to fire off another angry rant toward city officials that don't kowtow to his whims.

Patrick, please consider a special Patriots entry dedicated to the other Jackass Bob at the JPCA.