Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The NY Slimes Attacks Veterans by Calling them Murderers

The NY Slimes wants you to believe that the brave men and women returning home after protecting our great nation from harm are evil murderers wreaking havoc across the United States. It is shameful that rather than applaud our soldiers, the NY Slimes would rather manipulate data and make spurious correlations to degrade our brave veterans.

Thankfully, there are vocal veterans and diligent Americans who are willing to take the time to expose the NY Slimes for the anti-American and anti-veteran propaganda rag that it is. According to Andy Soltis of the New York Post, despite the NY Slimes assertion that veterans are committing an overwhelming majority of murders in our country, actual data shows that the murder rate of returning veterans is only one-fifth of that of young Americans who have not served our country.

Unfortunately, the NY Slimes cares less about the truth and more about denigrating our veterans. The pro-troop group Move America Forward called the article "slander." "It's obvious that The New York Times has an agenda of undermining the missions of our troops in the war on terror, so much so that they are willing to resort to demonstrably false statistics to support their anti-troop bias," said the group's chairman, Melanie Morgan.

I would invite the editor’s and publishers of the NY Slimes to visit all the American Legion Posts, the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars meetings, Vietnam Veterans of America chapters and the newly formed Members of Modern Warfare gatherings and explain their findings to all us veterans.

The Patriots want to give a special thank you to the NY Post and Mr. Andy Soltis for doing the story.


Anonymous said...

The New York Post is to objective, responsible journalism what Osama is to peace. Praising them lessens you.

The New York Times studied (not editorialized) about the high rate of crime committed by returning war veterans.

What they correctly pointed out it that the VA, the Bush-whacked administration, the Cheney warmongers, and idiots who scream "my country right or wrong" without every questioning are all failing our veterans.

The Veterans Administration (under Bush) admits that NIGHTLY 195,000 VETERANS ARE HOMELESS in this country.

So how does Fox News -specifically Bill O'LIElly- (the same company that owns NY Post) respond- they denigrate the numbers and ridiculed John Edwards for continuously saying that it is a disgrace to ignore our veterans.

We have and continue to fail our veterans. They lack housing, proper medical care, sufficient mental health support, and safety nets to help them get over the incredible violence and carnage they witnessed in Iraq (a war Bush started on a lie) and Afghanistan (a war Bush has mismanaged).

You constantly attack the NYTimes. Try READING it. THINK. And whatever you do, turn off Fixed News and stop listening to those propagandists.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, you have a really bad habit of attacking the NY Times, and using Bobby Murdoch's rag, the NY Post as your primary source. How about reading the article and then judging for yourself?

Its amazing that the very same NY Post that goes after the NY Times, refuses to admit the high rate of crimes committed by returning vets, isn't about the vets. Its about the standards the military has for recruitment.

Most of the vets who are committing the crimes committed PRIOR CRIMINAL ACTS. This would normally bar you from joining, but since all the young republicans don't want to fight the war they were so gung ho for,the military has had to lower its standards to now allow criminals in its ranks.

And while your at it, since your a vet, you might want to check the VA website where its posted that 195,000 veterans each night are homeless and read how the GOP is all for sending money to Iraq but not to VA Hospitals or for programs that help disabled and homeless veterans.

The nest President who gets in should appoint Max Cleeland, a disabled veteran who has tiressly for Veterans.

Mr. Mojo Risin

Anonymous said...

I meant to end my last post by saying "the next President should appoint Max Cleeland, former Senator from GA, and disabled Vietnam War veteran to the position of Director of Veterans Affairs. No man has worked more tirelessly and effectively for veterans than Max Cleeland".

Mr Mojo Risin