Thursday, January 17, 2008

Give Em Hell! Fighting 69th

The legendary fighting 69th is on its way to Afghanistan to help train local police on how to provide security and safety for its citizens. The proud family and friends of the soldiers gathered yesterday to honor the brave men and women deploying overseas to help protect those
in need.

Unfortunately, the NY Daily Snooze had to cheapen the event by emphasizing the fact that no elected officials were in attendance to honor the fighting 69th. Here is a news flash for the Daily News, soldiers and veterans do not need accolades from elected officials to let them know they are brave. They don't need parades, ceremonies, or awards to understand the importance for their jobs. They most certainly do not need the media to speak for them because it is the soldier that affords them the right to print their garbage in the first place.

Soldiers derive their strength, bravery and pride from being an American fighting man or woman and from knowing they are protecting their lives, freedoms and liberties of their families, friends and fellow countrymen from those enemies who seek to do them harm.

The fighting 69th didn't need any long winded speech from elected officials because they already know they have all they will ever need, the love and respect of a grateful nation.

Get home safe.

God bless America

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I actually (mostly) agree with you but I would go one step further...

We should outlaw using soldiers as backdrops for political events. Bush and his cohorts should not be allowed to have rows of soldiers standing behind them while they give political speeches.

If elected officials want to wish our soldiers well, I am all for it. We elect them to represent us so it would be good to have them convey our hopes to them. But keep it at that- no politics.

The Bush mis-administration has done this for nearly eight years. Disgusting.

On another note, let's all condemn the reprehensible phony Vets group in South Carolina that is disparaging John McCain; calling him a traitor. Whether one supports McCain or not (and I do not), he honors this nation with his his courage while in a POW camp and for his years of public service.

Those same cowards called themselves Swift Boat Vets when they attacked hero John Kerry and when they went after Max McClellan.

THEY are traitors to this country. They hide behind the first amendment to spread lies. And Fox News repeats them daily.

Good luck to the 69th.. return safe and SOON!