Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pigs Don’t Fly But They Might Glow

A Chinese University is reporting that a cloned pig whose genes were altered to make it glow has passed this amazing trait to its young.

The glowing piglets birth proves transgenic pigs are fertile and able to pass on their engineered traits to their offspring. The piglets’ mother was on of three pigs born with the trait in December 2006 after embryos were injected with fluorescent green protein.

This remarkable development could lead to the future breeding of pigs for human organ transplant.

We could replace Robert Holden’s brain with a pig’s brain to make the civic leader more intelligent and less idiotic.

We could replace Ed Kamperman’s liver with a pig’s liver so he can drink more at local German watering holes.

We could replace Lorraine Sciulli’s stone in her chest for a pig’s heart to give her more compassion.

We could replace Tony Nunziato’s entire head with a pig’s head to make him more human-like.

We could replace Christina Wilkinson’s……wait she is a pig.

Hopefully science can develop new ways to save the lives of people who suffer from incurable diseases.

Unfortunately, however there is no cure for Robert Holden and his minions.


Truman Harris said...

Speaking of pigs, congratulations are in order for Dennis Gallagher! Council District 30 is so proud of your corrupt, horny, drunken ways being this week's Forum West cover story.

Anonymous said...

You'd think Dennis Gallagher's boy Patrick would think of something more imaginative than calling everyone a pig, but that's how modern discourse goes.

Cowards invoke kids said...

As with the situation with the florist, I would respectfully request the children be left out of this on going fued...Patrick has nothing to do with this blog.