Friday, January 25, 2008

Na na nana Na Na nana, Hey hey Goodbye

Looks like Bob Holden, Christina Wilkinson, Tony Nuziato and special guest appearances by Tony Avella have achieved what they wanted. St. Saviour’s is being demolished because of their inability and unwillingness to work with others.

Do you know what Bob, Christina and the two Tonys won for our community?

Behind Door Number 1 – Maspeth could win a Storage facility! Not only a storage facility, but a 24 hour a day storage facility. STOP and STOR! Yes folks, you will be delighted to see row upon rows of luxury sheds utilized by transient people who will rent these glorified garages to store their stuff. Great job Bob!

Behind Door Number 2 – Maspeth could win a recycling facility! Maspeth will be home to millions of tons of recyclable glass, plastics and paper. Trucks will be coming in and out during all hours of the day to drop off their precious cargo for processing. Way to Go Juniper Park Civic Association!

The developer has decided to forget the zoning change and has decided to build “as of right”. And that means a facility that falls under the manufacturing description. Nice job Mr. Holden.

This is what happens when the community allows a small band of narrow-minded non-compromising misfits to speak for the entire community. Instead of getting a reasonable development with new housing that would have included a component for the preservation of the church; we get a large recycling plant or a massive storage facility!

Once again, Holden’s tactics have backfired and the ones who will suffer are the poor people of our community. So when you drive by the Recycling plant or the storage facility make sure you thank Robert Holden, Christina Wilkinson, Tony Nuziato and Tony Avella for their complicity in this debacle.

“The narrow-minded who undertake any work will never be satisfied. They cannot understand the actions of those who are large hearted and broad-minded.”

The ghosts of St. Saviour's said...

Failures in our community:

Robert Holden
Tony Nunziato
Christina Wilkinson
Ed Kamperman
Tony Avella
Bob Doocey

All chose allegiance to a vindictive narrow-minded group of maniacs instead of to their communities. All will pay when they community calls for them to step down from any leadership positions they hold.

This is not a threat........ It's a promise.


Anonymous said...

An old NYPD axiom applies here;

"Never engage with an idiot. They will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience."

Way to go JCPA. Thanks alot. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

I love the motivational posters!!! Hopefully they will motivate the community to realize how harmful these clowns are and what total failures. We need real leadership, not jackasses like Holden and Company.

mv ben said...

Hey Patrick,

Where did you find that picture of Christina? I wouldn't have recognized her without food in her mouth ....

Anonymous said...

Christina, I think that is a picture of her about 100 lbs ago.

Anonymous said...

I heard that ST. Saviours is oming down in two weeks. Thank you Bob Holden, a deal could have saved the church but as an egomanaic you know better than all

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about the JPCA is how seriously they take themselves as if they are actually a force that people respect. HA!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone knows that to side with the JPCA is to earn the reverse Midas touch. Everything they touch turns to s**t.

It's because they are intransient, refuse to compromise, petty, vindictive, and everything with them is "us vs. them". We've seen it over and over.

Gallagher is a great example. One day he's their man of the year and front cover on Juniper (Dingle) Berry about what a wonderful Councilman we have.

A few months later he disagrees with Herr Holden on a few policy items and now Gallager is the anti-Christ.

The JPCA has completely discredited themselves yet again. And everyone knows it.

How's life Bobby?