Wednesday, April 16, 2008

St Saviour's Hires (un)Professional Demolition Crew

St Saviour's is being dismantled by imposters posing as professional restorers.

A photographer took these disturbing photos:

We were surprised to see Ms Wilkinson holding something else other than an Arby's Double Beef Bacon Cheeseburger.

We were surprised that anyone in their right mind would let a rarely sober Ed Kamperman use a power tool.

We were surprised that Bob knew which side of the hammer to use and that a hammer is used for construction purposes and not for beating helpless human beings.


These may look like ordinary cats but Bob Holden and Christina Wilkinson have conducted DNA testing in Bob's secret basement laboratory and made a startling discovery. These cats belonged to the famous Indian Chief, OooeeWalaWalaBingBang which in English means "one who runs through crap" Legend has it that these two cats were the spiritual guide for the Chief and were instrumental in the tribe winning a 1651 battle against Dutch settlers.

Holden and Wilkinson are planning to donate the remains to the famous Feline Museum in Wallacoochie Georgia.

Bob stated, "Thank God I saved the church and discovered these remarkable artifacts. If it weren't for me, Bob Holden, these important feline remains and link to our past would have been lost forever." When asked why cat remains are so important, Mr. Holden revealed that he believes that humans have evolved from cats and not apes.


Anonymous said...

That's not a mummified cat. That's just Christina's discarded scraps from her meal break.

Anonymous said...

Does it seem like the developer has pulled one over on the JPCA? Instead of the developer having to pay all the costs of demolishing the church, the JPCA now has others doing it at their cost and at the taxpayers cost. It is amazing how badly the JPCA messed this up.

Anonymous said...

No it doesnt. JPCA spent two years fighting this asshole to save a church that is 150 years old and the land it sits on. They were unsuccessful in stopping this maniac from cutting down 100 year old trees and saving the land from piles of crapola. However, they were able to save the church. Its a partial victory, but a victory nontheless. Most taxpayers have no problem with saving this wonderful building. I as a christian am very happy that good sense has finally prevailed in this very sad situation.

Anonymous said...

maybe tom can help drive the trunk

Anonymous said...

I am a taxpayer that is not happy about how tax money is being spent here, especially when the church could have been kept at this site with houses built around it. But under that agreement, these JCPA hacks wouldn't have gotten their names in the newspapers as much.

Anonymous said...

Well, Im a taxpayer too and I dont want to pay for alot of things I dont like. Thats life my friend. Saving the church is a noble purpose and I support it. The housing compromise was a farce, if you have read anything, you would know that by now. I dont trust someone who would cut down almost 100 trees, some of which were 100 years old, to suit his own purposes. The man is a scumbag who doesnt care about the environment or Maspeth. He cares about making money. Plain and simple. I also wrote the comment above about being a Christian. We are losing a ton of churches throughout this city, we cant afford to lose another. Especially with this kind of history behind it. If you really want the houses on the land, as you say you do, you will probably get them now that the land is freed up.

Anonymous said...

Why is saving this church building noble? It's a bunch of old wood and beams with no congregation to support it. This is why there is separation between church and state. Being responsible with taxpayer money is more noble.
How religiously righteous are you with your foul language? You don't live in a rural area with open fields and forests, you live in a big, dense city. We live in a free market, capitalist, democratic society, of course the real estate developer is in business to make money. Is he supposed to try to lose money? Instead of houses and the church, you are going to get a dismantled church for who knows how long and possibly a factory on the site. C'mon, wake up already.

Anonymous said...

Its me again. Its not an issue of separation of church and state. The monies are not being donated to a congregation or religion. The church hasnt had one in years. They are being donated to save the building itself which has an important place in the history of Maspeth. It is historically significant and should have been landmarked. Do you live in Maspeth? I do. Do you know the history of the site? I do. In addition, I dont always support JPCA. In fact, I think they often overstep their bounds, but do I think they worked very hard for this church and its land. Who said I was religiously righteous? Im a human being and Im entitled to use foul language and make mistakes. My Christian faith still accepts me and God loves me. Period, end of discussion. Yes, we do live in a capitalist society. However, it is NOT a laisez faire capitalist society. The needs and wants of the community have to be considered in major decisions to affect them. This developer did not make any attempts to consult with the community. He came up with a luke warm compromise that didn't sit well with the community. Only the politicians. You want me to give him a pat on the back and tell what a wonderful human being he is for tearing down 100 trees and wanting to build lousy overpriced substandard housing. Sorry, not going to happen.

Anonymous said...

"It's a bunch of old wood and beams with no congregation to support it."

It's more than that; it's history, much like Dennis Gallagher who left office with no wife or political allies to support him.

Anonymous said...

Being old doesn't make it historically significant. It also was gutted by a fire almost 40 years ago.
I am bemused by your selfishly judging others the way you do and then justifying it with "Well God loves me so that's it, period" nonsense.
If the community needed and wanted this church so badly it would have had an active congregation from the community to support it.

mv ben said...

If the church is so important to Maspeth, then why is it being moved to Middle Village???

Why not find a home in Maspeth?

Anonymous said...

Amen and Alleluia. Praise to the JPCA for saving us all from the devil himself and his evil developers who want to pillage our lands and destroy our trees.

Wait a minute, but I just realized that we are all evil and should be punished.

A century or two ago Maspeth, Middle Village and most of Queens was nothing more than open fields, dense woods and natural untouched land. It was us and those who came before us that contaminated and destroyed it all to build the homes and communities we now live and raise our families in. For sure we have earned the wrath of the JPCA and shall rot in hell for defiling the land without the blessing and approval of our savior Bob and his disciples.

But wait, there is hope for forgiveness of these sins. Just like the evil ones: 7-11, Arby's and Walgreens, all we need do is pay homage, or in other words make a monetary contribution (I think its called extortion) to either the JPCA, the MidVille Dodgers or that self centered "praise be to Lord Holden" rag called the Juniper Berry. Those evil businesses did it and have since received absolution and Most Favored Nation status from King Holden.

Even State Senator Maltese has joined in with his $100,000 pledge to save St Saviors. That must be his way of trying to buy their silence and support for his next election. (guess there were no Youth or Senior programs that were worthy and deserving of this money) In fact, even City Council candidate Ognibene is selling his soul to Bob and his mindless followers in the hope of winning the special election. (wonder how much that will cost tax payers in the form of discretionary funds that he will send their way if he is elected)

By the way Bob, where does all the money go. I mean we all know that Maltese has already bribed, sorry I mean donated, $25,000 from his discretionary fund to pay for the publication and distribution of the Berry. So what do you and your cronies do with all the advertising money you extort, I mean collect. In other words, whats your vig.

In the Land of the Blind, the One Eyed Man is King.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous poster who has recently and consistently quoted Erasmus as his tag line (In the land of the blind, etc.) writes well, is very plugged in to the current local political landscape, and is quite persuasive. But, please, the tag line is played out already. If you want attention, come up with a blog name to use. Like......ERASMUS