Monday, April 28, 2008

Political Patronage at Christ the King

The Patriots just received this e-mail from a person claiming they have information that supports the claim that Ognibene is using Christ the King Regional High School as a political tool. The Board of Trustees must look into this matter to ensure that the integrity, honor and reputation of Christ the King are not tarnished by a few individuals abusing their position for personal gain.

Dear Patriots,

I just read your article, “Ognibene Persuades Teachers to Petition” and wanted to provide you with additional information to substantiate this claim. Tom Ognibene and Mike Mischel have conveniently appointed a special committee to appoint Assistant Principals for each grade level. As you can imagine, these highly coveted positions are desired by many of the hard-working teachers employed at Christ the King.

However, it is to no one’s surprise that teachers who are working for Ognibene’s campaign will be given preferential treatment and a patronage appointment. Therefore, it was no shocker that Mrs. Veronica Oswiecimski-Arbitello has been appointed as the 11th Grade (junior class) Assistant Principal. Her husband, Joe Arbitello has been working hard for the Ognibene campaign and securing the assistant principal appointment for his wife (Joe’s father was given a lucrative custodial and security position by Mike Mischel). As you can imagine, many teachers are concerned that political nepotism will supersede professionalism, hard-work and dedication to the students.

Thank You.

Concerned Educator

It appears that Ognilooney just can’t help himself and it should be clear to the community that we can’t afford to elect self-serving, manipulative and corrupt individuals to public office.


Anonymous said...

These corrupt politicians and their allies should be removed from Christ the King Regional High School's Board and be replaced with parents and concerned alumni who have the children's futures and the future of the school in their best interest instead of their own political gain and corruption.

Are there any teachers that are listening and willing to run with this? It's about time someone looks into this issue and stops the politicians' control of the Christ the King Regional High School before it totally destroys the school's reputation.

Math Teacher said...

This has been going on for years at the school. Someone should finally stand up and say enough is enough already. The only people that truly suffer from the corruption are the children.

guy said...

Ognibene has always been an opportunist and manipulator

Press Hound said...

Are there any investigative journalist left willing to do the work to expose these individuals?