Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Charlie Throws Stones at Goliath Democrat Machine

City Council hopeful, Charles Ober, is challenging the Queens County Democratic Organization executive committee to validate its resolution to endorse Elizabeth Crowley, cousin of the county leader, U.S. Rep Joseph Crowley. The Patriots can’t wait to hear the county machine’s rationale for selecting Crowley over the other potential democratic candidates.

Here is a list of Elizabeth Crowley’s qualifications that might be submitted to the Ober camp:

1. Ms. Crowley has 100 relatives that live in Maspeth.

2. She can spell Maspeth on her second try.

3. Her name begins with a C and ends in Y.

4. She looks good in a pant suit.

5. A certain assemblyman is off to jail and will cause no further embarrassment to Liz.

6. She can find Ridgewood with her newly installed GPS.

7. Refer back to numbers 1 through 6

“Elizabeth Crowley has no apparent community based qualifications for city council other than her insider relationship with the Queens Democratic machine.” Ober noted. Ober, a Ridgewood Democrat is running for the city council seat being vacated by Dennis Gallagher. “Unlike Elizabeth, I was not even given the chance to address the full county executive committee to make my case.” said Ober of the executive committee’s deliberations over the special election race in the 30th district, which includes Glendale, Liberty Park, Maspeth, Middle Village, Richmond Hill, Ridgewood, and Woodhaven.

“I was told that it was a forgone conclusion.” added Ober, “I was also informed that if I did go forward with my bid for the city council seat, county was going to take me to court to challenge my petitions to make sure that I did not make it on the ballot. Either way I was not going to win, I was told flat out.”

Ober also was told by the executive committee members that one of the reasons for endorsing the candidacy of Crowley was the money she has raised. “I would have hoped that county would have seriously examined the relevant experience of the candidates first and the contributions that each have made to the civic life of the district, not considerations that have little to do with the best interest of the people that live in the community.” Ober declared. “Executive county members made it clear that they will use the courts to keep me off the ballot, instead of letting the people decide who the they want to represent them, which is suppose to be the democratic way, not taking candidates to court to keep them from running and financially ruin them.” Ober said. “Why should political leaders outside our district, deprive the voters in district 30 a real choice, rather than an only choice.”

Poor Mr. Ober is going to get a first hand education on how the Queens Democratic Machine operates and how it deals with “problems”. Good luck Charlie, you’re going to need it.

Read, Charles Ober Challenges Queens County Democratic Organization Endorsement of Elizabeth Crowley.

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rudydellrudy said...

Well, Dennis just to let you know, Charlie has a great team working on his campaign and they seem to know exactly what they are doing. Charlie has not only made it on the ballot but he also made it on his own, getting the required amount of signatures and without being challenged, like the machine said they would. That in of itself is a victory because it shows that Charlie is very underestimated by many. It is a shame that many elected officials decided to stab Charlie in the back and endorse an otherwise very under qualified candidate and they are going to be very embarrassed when Charlie wins and they will all of the sudden find themselves reaching out to Charlie to try to get his endorsement for their own elections.
Charlie is the most honest, loyal and trusting person we will probably only meet very few times in our lives. He has the rarest of qualities that most people wish we could have and he is so knowledgeable on all the issues involving our community. Just to note, Charlie does not need to mention organizations for the sake of just mentioning them to run for office, He really does belong to all of these organizations for many years and he really has do the leg work to get local issues resolved.

Unlike Anthony Como, who only last night at the Historic Preservation Debate, Anthony recalled how much work he did and how much advice he gave on saving St. Saviors and how closely he worked with Christina Wilkinson, Bob Holden and the rest of the J.C.P.A. group on saving St. Saviors. He credited himself with being on the phone with Christina and lending his support and advice and he also stated that he worked very hard with them to ensure that St. Saviors was not removed. He also made a comment on how unfortunate the local councilman of the time made it his business to try to sabotage the project.