Monday, April 14, 2008

Crowley Exploits Community Rally

On Saturday, April 12 members of the community, came together at a rally to save Woodhaven Lanes from closing its doors forever. I was also in attendance because I have enjoyed the bowling alley for decades and currently bowl in one of its senior leagues.

The rally was well attended by residents, the media and local elected officials. Senator Serf Maltese, Assemblywoman Audrey Pheffer and City Council candidate Anthony Como stopped by to offer their support and provided a few words of encouragement. Neither of the three interjected any of their political ambitions or did they try to solicit a vote until Elizabeth Crowley showed up.

Ms. Crowley showed up with a senior gentleman in tow and proceeded to hand out a Xeroxed piece of campaign literature to community members participating in the rally. On one side of the cheap copy paper was a NY Daily News article dated January 22nd, 2008 praising Crowley's 70G war chest for the city council race and on the other side was a poorly written two paragraph summary of why Crowley is wrong for our community. You would think that if she raised 70G that she could spend a little money on professional campaign literature.
Moreover, you would think she could spend a little on advisors who could tell her that handing out campaign literature at an important community rally is distasteful, disrespectful and disgusting.

After Ms. Crowley left people were extremely annoyed at her obvious exploitation of the rally. Elizabeth Crowley should be more considerate of the community and refrain from campaigning at events where residents are fighting hard for their community. Crowley would have gotten more support if she would have just stayed away.

Read the Queens Chronicle article, "Bowlers Upset Over Plans To Close Woodhaven Lanes"

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