Monday, April 14, 2008

Ognibene Fundraiser Flop

It is being reported that Ognibene's fundraiser on Saturday April 12th was a major flop and a clear indicator of Ognibene's lack of community support. According to circulating reports, the fundraising event was poorly attended as a mere 20 people showed up to give their meager support to Tom Ognibene. Political insiders have commented that Mr. Ognibene could be out of the race shortly because he is unable to attract financial supporters or campaign volunteers to effectively mount a successful race against the other candidates. As a result, community members are hoping that Tom Ognibene can read the writing on the wall and drop out of the race.


Anonymous said...

With Mike Michel picking food off other peoples plates with his fingers, shoving it into his pie hole and then reaching onto another plate (double dipping!)as if he were eating from a trough, it's little wonder the event was a disater. With a campaign manager like Mike at the helm , with all the class he exudes, it just makes a person want to run through a brick wall for Tom. Hey Mike, next time just use a feed bag.

Anonymous said...

Ognibene cheated his supporters when he took their money, along with NYC matching funds and then went and played golf instead of campaigning for Mayor. He continues to maintain a close and personal relationship with a person who uses his position at Christ the King HS to misuse official school equipment for personal/financial gain.

It's time for the people to see the truth and realize that Tom is the epitome of what is wrong with our political system and not who we need to represent us.

In the Land of the Blind, the One Eyed Man is King.