Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Crowley Collecting Petition Signatures Prematurely? Illegally?

A concerned resident has informed the Patriots that Elizabeth Crowley is not playing by the rules. Individuals have been stating that Ms Crowley is trying to get a "jump" on her competition by collecting petition signatures before the official date of proclamation and announced first day to circulate and file petitions.

Election fraud is a serious matter and undermines the democratic process for a fair election. If anyone has information or has signed a petition, they should contact the Board of Elections immediately.

Board of Elections:

32 Broadway 7th Floor

New York, NY 10004


Queens Board of Elections

120-06 Queens Boulevard

Kew Gardens, NY 11418


It would be a shame to learn that Ms Crowley believes that the only way she can win is by cheating.


Mike said...

I think Crowley can cheat all she wants and still lose the election. Stupid is as stupid does

Linda said...

Do we really have to question that she would resort to unscrupolous tactics? Isn't her relationship with McClaughlin proof enough?

Thomas said...

Crowley = Corruption

Mark said...

pretty face but dumb as a door nail

Anonymous said...

didn't she have problems with her campaign last time? I thought I read she got fined for violating campaign finance laws.