Friday, April 18, 2008

Crowley in Hot Water with Campaign Finance (again)

Elizabeth Crowley has angered her union brothers and sisters of DC 9. They are annoyed that they are being forced to go out and campaign for Dizzy Ms. Lizzy and for the fact that they never observed hold a paint brush, open a paint can or paint a wall.

Brothers and Sisters in solidarity,

Stand up and say something. I am in the painters union DC9. We were told a few days ago that we have to take a personal day to go out and campaign for Liz. Liz is the one with the no-show job that her cousin the congressman got her. She is the laziest person we have ever met and we all do not like her yet we are being forced to go out and get signatures for her so she can run for election. We had to do this for her in 2001 and I'll be damned if any of us are going to do it now for her.

Many other guys on this job site have been told by their shop stewards that they have to go out also. Like the plumbers and the sheet metal guys. Now think of this, they are coming here telling us that we have to go out or we are not going to be working here any longer.

Many of us say this is crap. So some of us took the liberty of calling the elections office and they told us to call the campaign finance and we did. They are investigating this. They said that this is a serious allegation. They also want to hear from other guys that are in similar situations. The lead investigator assigned to this case is Eric at 212-306-7147. He said that anyone that calls will remain anonymous.

They also said that this is a crime. That we can go to jail for participating in this type of action. They also said that anyone who signs the petitions can be called into court to testify and when the feds start investigating this we will have to give sworn statements to them. I do not know about anyone else, but I am not going to jail for anyone.

So some of us are going to call in sick to get out of this mess. But I thought everyone should know exactly what is going on and how serious this matter is and that we have reported it to the authorities and it is seriously being investigated. Beware, this could come back to hurt us all later. Let her go get her friends to go out not us. We make over $100,000 a year not to go out and get petitions for Crowley, I don't care who her cousin is.

We wonder what Crowley’s Crusaders have to say about this. Looks like they should be crushing corruption in their own camp!

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