Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ognibene Resumes Feud with Ober?

Looks like former council member Tom Ognibene has not forgotten his feud with council member wannabe Charles Ober that stemmed from Ognilooney's participation in the redistricting effort in 2003. Tom Ognibene was the prime proponent and the chief architect of the gerrymandering plan that created a lot of resentment and opposition between party factions. According to political insiders, Charles Ober stood up against Ognibene because he felt the redistricting was unfair and that Tom and his buddies were trying to "stack the deck" in their favor. Unfortunately, for Mr. Ober, Ognibene and his "friends" have long memories.

There is a disturbing letter being circulated about Mr. Ober that is offensive, ignorant and hateful. It attacks Mr. Ober's sexuality and it verbally assaults all homosexuals. We refuse to reprint the letter in its entirety because it is a vicious and disgusting attempt to discredit a person based sole on hi sexual preference.

Here are two quotes from the letter:

"We already have too many faggots trying to change the laws"

"Imagine the village here in Glendale or Middle Village. Queerville U.S.A"

As a conservative there are many issues that I do not support regarding the gay and lesbian community. However, I respect their right to voice their opinions and desire to run for elected office without fear of discrimination or violence.

Some have speculated that this mean-spirited letter was created by the Ognibene campaign to exact retribution for Olber's opposition and verbal assaults against the Ognibene crew's gerrymandering scheme.

Is it possible that Ognibene would stoop this low?

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Anonymous said...

Patrick, I do not support Tom, A decent councilman he was, but I in no way back him this go around. But, I feel there is no way in hell Ognibiene or his people put out that letter, flyer or whatever it is. Tom is too smart for that. That is a dirty political trick, authored by a very savvy political veteran for another team. I'd bet one months pay on that. I'm serious. One months pay. And I'd win.