Friday, April 18, 2008

Let the War Begin! Special Election set for June 3rd

The Board of Elections says Mayor Michael Bloomberg set June 3rd for a special election to fill the Queens City Council seat for the 30th district.

Get ready for fast and furious campaigning and mud-slinging.

Reports state that the election will cost the city around $400,000. The person elected to fill the seat will finish out the remainder of the year. In November, there will be another election to determine who will serve out rest of Gallagher's term, which expires at the end of 2009.


Anonymous said...

Mike Michel, the man who beat anorexia, seems just a tad cranky around Middle Village these days. It seems his mouth made out a check to Tom O, as campaign manager, that his brain can't cash. Now he's being called on it. Tsk Tsk Mikey, those signatures(you know which ones) will not hold up under scrutiny. And if you're too dim witted here's a hint;
Grand Avenue.
Next time your mouth gets the urge to promise Tom something, stick a twinkie, a ring ding or a devil dog in it.

Anonymous said...

I read where Como's people beat Ognibiene's people to the Board Of Elections and thus got their candidate on top of the ballot. I understand Mike Michel beat them there, by a good 30 minutes, but Mike made the mistake of taking the stairs instead of the elevator to the 7th floor. 45 minutes later, when a winded and perspiring Michel staggered into the office and dropped his sweaty and crumpled signatures onto the desk, the Como reps were long gone. Mike, good effort on the new exercise regimen. Bad execution on the filing.