Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Grimm Bros Gave us Tom Thumb and the 30th District Gave us Tom Dumb

Last night during a “Meet the Candidates” (for the 30th Council District) event hosted by the Middle Village Property Owners, Tom Ognibene made a stunning announcement.

Tom Dumb stated that he will run in the upcoming special election, again in November 2008 but HE WILL NOT run in 2009. Ognilooney said that in 2009 he will then be ready to turn over the seat to more young, energetic and fresh candidates. The Patriots suggest that Tom should return all that “fresh” blood he said he received from the doctors because it looks like it was tainted with LSD.

It is obvious that Ognibene fails to realize that the 30th Council District needs strong, energetic and effective leadership NOW. Unfortunately, Tom doesn’t understand the importance of continuity and stable representation in the city council which is instrumental in obtaining the funding and support our district needs and deserves. As in the past, Ognizcraze is clueless when it comes to placing the needs of the community over his own political aspirations and financial gains.

We hope that Tom Ognipension drops out of the race and finds other ways to increase his monthly retirement entitlements rather than once again exploiting the position of an elected official for his personal benefit.

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