Monday, June 2, 2008

Ognibene The True Spoiler Candidate

In a recent mailing, the friends of Tom Ognibene put out a letter chastising other candidates of being spoilers. However, Ognibene has the history of being the premier spoiler for his own personal and political gain.

According to reliable sources, a poll conducted by Ognibene revealed that the race for the 30th District Council Seat is between Crowley & Como. Therefore, they made a feeble attempt to divide dedicated Republican voters in hopes of exacting their own personal vendettas.

Oginbene tried (unsuccessfully) to run against Mayor Bloomberg and didn’t care that he would be helping democrat, Freddy Ferrer. Therefore, Ognibene calling anyone a spoiler is absurd and an insult to republicans, conservatives and all voters.

Matt Hunter signed the letter but failed to inform readers that is a liberal leftists and that he has been a Crowley contributor since day one despite his new republican affiliation.

Gabriel Tapalaga signed the letter in the hopes of securing his wife another chief of staff position. Let us not forget that his wife was Gallagher’s part-time chief of staff.

Bart Haggerty signed the letter as a political wannabe who has delusions of grandeur of taking over the Queens’ GOP. Thankfully, the Haggarty’s have as much influence as an umbrella salesman in the Mojave Desert.



mv ben said...

At least he can get his arm around Crowley. If he where dacing with Christina (we would all know because there would be a 8.5 on the Ritcher scale), he would need a crane to lift her.

Anonymous said...

Ognibene " Iwould rather be dancing with MiMi"

Anonymous said...

leave it for tom ognibene he know how to dance,he"s been dancing for 10 years as our so call leader everywhere but the 30 district,maybe if the judges see him he"ll get judgeship at one of the dance contests