Thursday, June 19, 2008

Como And Ognibene Bury The Hatchet

Tom Ognibene formally declared a truce with his erstwhile 30th CD special election opponent and fellow Republican, Councilman Anthony Como, and said he will not run against Como in the general election this fall.

"I am not going to run in the fall, I think it would do too much damage to the Republican Party," Ognibene said in an interview after Como's office announced the Republican truce in a press release.

The June 30th CD special election coincided with the first day for circulating petitions. Some candidates - including Ognibene - were already out in the field collecting names for a potential run in November. But Ognibene said he has instructed his volunteers to pull his petitions back.

Democrat Elizabeth Crowley's name is also on petitions being carried by the Queens Democratic organization.

In her concession to Como, Crowley pledged to "continue to speak out on the issues that matter to the families of my community." She did not rule out another run this fall when turnout will be significantly higher.

The petition period ends July 10 and candidates have until July 14 to decline, enabling committees to fill vacancies to select replacements.

The independent petitioning period starts July 8. Candidates must collect signatures from 5 percent of the number of voters in the district who cast ballots in the last gubernatorial election or 2,700 people - whichever is less.


Anonymous said...

Now that's the Tom Ognibene I know. I supported Anthony this election, but have long been a fan of Tom's and am forever grateful for his leadership. He once again shows he is a class act. Kudo's to you, Mr Ognibene.

Anonymous said...

This by far will be the most corrupt city councilman by far. If he is city councilman for the next 8 years you mark this day that he will be either under investigation or criminally charged with fraud, because that is all Anthony knows. you'll see.

This will become a builders dream because he is going to allow whomever to build whatever they want throughout this district. You get what you vote for. He has no respect for the building codes or zoning laws and he flaunts it to the public that he can get away with whatever he wants. JUst watch how corrupt he really is.

We had to work under him and we know the real truths about his way of handling situations. Beware!

Anonymous said...

Ognibene is finally figuring it out play Golf and leave the Politics to those who are honest