Monday, June 2, 2008

Ober Disses Christina Wilkinson

In a recent mailing condemning overdevelopment, Charles Ober used the above picture to show how the JPCA helped destroy Neidersteins although they "say" they wanted to preserve the civil war relic.

The hilarious aspect is that WE created the picture Ober used to show how hypocritical Christina Wilkinson (depicted as a weeble wobble) and Robert Holden are because Arby's is now a big advertiser in their Forum Crap.

Nice Job Ober!

See link below

Christina Wilkinson Flip Flops on Arby's


sam said...

This is a public apology to Christine Wilkinson. The Ober for Council campaign did not know that the picture we used on line was anything bad against Christine. We are truly sorry that some jerk thought it funny to make fun of Christine by using this picture. We did a search and found that picture on line and we used it as an example to the over development problem here in Queens.

This stupid garbage that is going on with this site is absolutely ridiculous and someone is going to get hurt one of these days. Christine is one of the few people that really do care about the community and the people around her. Christine is an absolute asset to this community and I think it is a damn shame that this site has tried to ruin her reputation, and discredit her wonderful accomplishments that have help make Maspeth a better place to live. Who ever is running this site, be it Justin, Dennis or whom ever has taken control of this site should examine your own hidden secrets instead of trying to attack people that care and work hard to make this a better place.

If this is how grown adults act it is no wonder life is in the condition it is in given the stupid things you all do to hurt people and make fun of them. DO YOU REALIZE THAT PEOPLE HAVE FEELINGS. Do you realize that people get hurt by this stuff. Did it ever occur to you that what you write about others and say about others maybe very hurtful. Last year a grown women, a mother, a wife, a community person went on line to say hurtful things about a girl that her daughter did nit like. She went down to her level and started to say horrible things about that girl. after 2 months of playing with that girls head the girl committed suicide. That mother has now been charged with a crime because she used the Internet to hurt someone and that person took their own lives. A word to the wise. Sooner or later someone is going to get hurt and I think you need to stop now before someone does something that you will regret and it will be too late too say sorry. I am sure that the mother never thought her childish antics would get her in jail but it did. So stop acting like kids.

So for this misunderstanding I offer you Christine, on behalf of the Ober for Council campaign a public apology and I am truly sorry I found that picture in line. I never go on the blogs and so I would have never known about that picture and I am sorry for that. Please accept my apology on behalf of the entire campaign and if this attempt by this site to hurt you with this picture we will issue a public apology in the local newspapers to say we are sorry. I found the picture and gave it to the person making the fliers and never knew the story behind the picture until tonight. Please accept my apology.

Rudy Garcia
Assist Campaign Manager./

Anonymous said...

What the hell are you sorry for exactly?

I think your a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure her name is Christina.

More importantly, don't feel too sorry for her. Christina Wilkinson and unfairly attacked many people in the past who did not deserve it. Her fighting for the community is also debatable, as it can be fairly said that she really fights for her own selfish views of what she wants in the community.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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