Thursday, June 12, 2008

ANTHONY COMO, 30th District Councilman

Congratulations to Anthony Como!

After recounts, Como declares victory

Wednesday, June 11, 2008 7:32 PM EDT
After a machine recount and absentee paper count, it appears Republican Anthony Como has held off Democrat Elizabeth Crowley by 38 votes in the 30th City Council District Special Election, although an official certification will likely not come until next week.

During a tumultuous Wednesday, June 11, at the city’s Board of Elections (BOE), Como’s vote-margin dipped below the 29-vote lead he held going into the absentee paper count, but by the end of the count, he had received 85 additional votes while Crowley only picked up 76.

“They always tend to go the same way as the machine goes,” an exuberant Como told The Courier shortly after he heard the news of the final totals. “It’s exactly what we predicted.”

As of press time, the Crowley campaign said they could not confirm the numbers or comment publicly.

Courtesy of the Queens Courier


mv ben said...

Anthony – Congratulations on a well run and honorable campaign. Although you could have slung mud like everyone else did, you took the high road.

Now we can all work on getting this community united, and getting it the services that it needs.

I look forward to seeing you in action in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

MV is Stupid!
How can anyone believe that the character of Middle Village won't be changed when our councilman lives in a McMansion. Way to go voters!