Tuesday, June 3, 2008





Anonymous said...

I Understand Como won! Another loss for Bob Holden and Christina Wilkerson! Bobs endorsement letter was a kiss of death for the Ognibene camapaign

Anonymous said...

I am shocked that Ognibene came in third, I thought Ober was going to beat him too!

Anonymous said...

Looks like yet another mamouth failure for the JPCA. Just shows how weak Holden and monkeys are in the community.

Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Hooray!

Anthony Como made my day!


Anonymous said...

I tried to post a comment on Queens Crap regarding how this election shows the waning influence of the JPCA. They refused to post it. The substance of the comment was:

I was at the JPCA meeting where Como and Crowley stood them up, and I heard the JPCA president yell that there would be repurcussions! They have thousands of members! They have publications and will make a huge issue of this! Well, where were the voters? If just 20% of these thousands of JPCA members voted for the candidates supported by the JPCA leaders, the election results would have been different.
My grandmother had attended JPCA meetings going back to the 1980s. Around 6-7 years ago, she and her friends starting getting fed up with the JPCA's constant attacks and fights. The attacks and smears became endless and childish. When she would receive the quarterly JPCA publication, the joke was to guess who it was smearing this time. My grandmother and her friends became so frustrated with the behaviour and actions of the JPCA leaders, about a year ago they stopped renewing their memberships and stopped attending the meetings. They go to the MV Property Owners civic meetings now on occasion, and they keep up with things through church groups and their senior centers. When Gallagher and Crowley ran for this seat years ago, my grandmother seriously considered the views of the JPCA. For yesterday's election, she and her friends couldn't care less what the JPCA said.
The JPCA leaders can step back, re-evaluate their behavior and constant attacks, and change to become more mature and professional, or they can continue to hate, attack and smear everyone while their membership and support dwindles. It is a shame what has happened to that civic.

I guess whoever runs Queens Crap decided to censor my comments, even though I didn't use any nasty language or anyone's name. I consider that an example of their cowardice.

- Middle Village resident

Anonymous said...

They refused to post it because they are incredibility complex about their inability to be normal people. They operate on the fringe of politics, guided by only their hatred. It's time for the people that really care about the community to leave Holden and his crew and join proven community leaders like Maltese and Como.